If you are searching for a calm environment to spend time with friends and family, then Al Mamzar Beach Park is a real gem in Dubai where you can enjoy quality time. There are many sports in Al Mamzar Beach Park if you wish to swim in the ocean or ride in the picnic area. If you like to learn more about interesting activities at Dubai's Al Mamzar Lake Park, they get you the entire list.

Desert Safari

If you are a adventure lover and now you are in dubai you should go fo desert safari. Desert safari has a wide range of adventures activites. Go and explore it.

Dhow Cruise

Experience a 2-hour dinner cruise on a classic Dhow sailboat while sailing through the enchanting seas of Dubai and witnessing the magnificent scenery of Dubai's sparkling cityscape while sampling a wide choice of foods with diverse flavors from around the world. During your exciting cruise while cruising through the 'Logo Island,' enjoy a toast of entertainment with the legendary Tanura dance and other live performances that will make your holiday one remember.


The Al Mamzar Beach Parkway in the Al Mamzar residential area of Deira, along the Corniche and Al Mamzar Creek. The park is among the city's earliest green parks. It comes with various advanced features, like smart doors, smart wristbands, and smart guards, to mention a few. This beautiful, groomed beach park is home to five clean shores, pools, cottages, and a children's playground. An open theatre and grassy picnic spaces are also available, and it spans 106 acres. The park is a great spot to unwind or have a good family time. 

Have fun at the beach

There are five public beachfront at Al Mamzar Beach Park for you to explore. Soak in the sunshine, make sandcastles with the kids, and go for a bath in the clear seas. You can even read some books on the beach while listening to the relaxing melodies of the waters rushing! If you're going to the beach, make sure to bring your sunblock since the UAE is hot.

Make a picnic

Set up camp on the beachfront and take in the spectacular scenery of the park while eating your delicious food. You won't need to carry anything because numerous shops peppered throughout the park selling coffee, fruit juices, ice cream, and other delights. A cafe at the entry sells roast beef sandwiches, so you'll be ready for picnics. It is one of the most common attractions to do in Al Mamzar Beach Park.

Enjoy the perfect barbecue.

Barbecues create visions of enjoyable celebrations or thrilling dinner parties. You may make those fantasies come true by having a stress-free BBQ with your families in the park. Get your steak on the spit at a barbeque station near the beach in the parks. There are 28 BBQ sites in the park where you may prepare a delectable barbeque feast for your household.

Participate in water sports 

If you enjoy watersports, surfing, waterskiing, and swimming are among the water sports available at al Mamzar beach. If you want to snorkel, bring your snorkeling masks and other snorkeling accessories and explore the beautiful marine ecosystem. Look out for these favorite activities in Dubai if you're seeking more adrenaline-pumping thrills.

Enjoy skateboarding, soccer, and scoring hoops.

If you are up for some summer adventures, then NBA fans can hit some buckets on the baseball field. A football field is also available for football enthusiasts to visit. There's also a fantastic ice rink at the park.

View your surroundings through a scenic train tour

If you get bored of walking about, climb aboard the train and have a journey of the park's beautiful surroundings. While riding the train, you will have the opportunity to visit hidden beaches, beautiful green meadows, theatres, and food booths. This picturesque journey is a popular choice for everyone seeking a little downtime!

Ride on your bicycle

If you want to go for a leisurely bicycle ride in the sun, then you can hire a bike to explore the park's attractions and noises. The park's 8-meter-high structure, a theatre, desserts, shelter, and new air-conditioned cottages for renting are all accessible.

Swimming in the pool

One method to have a good time is swimming in one of al Mamzar beach park's pools. There are three main pools in the park where you may have joy in the water with your kids. You didn't have to think about the hot sun because the pools are enclosed.

Relax at al Mamzar beach park's rent cottages

There's also the option of renting a hut at al Mamzar Beach Park. The park's 15 cottages are ideal for your family's relaxation. Relax on the beach's sunbeds or go for a swim in the ocean.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Explore a large beach area that is suitable for people. Al Mamzar Beach has five beautiful beaches where you can sunbathe or play. You'll pass through a big expanse of green grass with twisting foot and bike pathways flanked by swinging palm trees before approaching the smooth white sand.

Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is another supreme and adventurous, thrilling activity. The beautiful sunsets have their beauty. As a result, it's worth photographing and spreading their folk's elegance and attractiveness on social media. There are also little cafes where you can get a shot of adrenalineHence, when visiting this prominent location, don't forget to bring your recording gadgets.


Al Mamzar is a 106-hectare park with three beautiful ponds where the family may cool off rather than putting sand in their shoes on the beach. If you require a sweet treat, then Restaurant across the beach area provide plenty of opportunities to get a bite to eat while relaxing by the sea. In the winter months. Al Mamzar also has several beautiful grass spots for picnicking. Here you can relax in the sun while enjoying a barbeque dinner. You can even get Quality entertainment by renting one of the air-conditioned cabins.

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