The entrance to Dubai Theme parks is Riverland Dubai. A delightful, customized dining and shopping location that you may visit without buying a reserved seat. Stroll along the riverbank on a voyage over time, where four distinct zones provide an interesting insight into a few of their History's most important periods. The French Village, the Boardwalk, India Gate, and the Peninsula are all worth visiting.

Desert Safari

Adventures in the Desert Safari Trips of the huge and stunning UAE desserts are a specialty of Dubai. Enjoy one of Dubai's most interesting events while taking in the magnificent scenery of the orange sunsets. Also, visit the Lahbab desert. The safari firm provides several options, along with a visit to Lahbab. If you want to experience some serious thrill, then try the Lahbab desert safari.

About Dubai’s Riverland

Riverland is still the only area in Dubai affiliated with an amusement park that is free to visit. It makes it immensely popular with children and young people searching for budget-friendly attractions. Riverland Dubai is a reconstruction of gorgeous spots from throughout the globe, equipped with cobblestones, lovely wine bars, as well as a twisting man-made stream. This free Dubai attraction is suitable for individuals who live in Jebel Ali and is a fantastic weekend getaway for the family. Riverland Dubai has four parts: entertainment, dance, theater, cuisine, and festivities, with over 50 restaurants. 

The Peninsula

The Peninsula is built in the late nineteenth-century style of architecture, with spectacular bridges connecting the plaza. This region, bordered by the river, has a huge outdoor theater where tourists may experience events and performances. Legal eateries are located all along the riverbank. One of its favorite parts of Riverland Dubai is to stroll along the river and admire the stunning construction. Not only will you be able to take in the scenery, but you'll also be able to check those walks and get your regular dose of fitness!

You'll feel as though you've traveled back in time when you see the rebuilt industrial structures from the industrial age period. The lovely waterfront dining establishments add to the overall atmosphere. The Peninsula is also a child area, with a ceramic enclosed children's room with gadgets and a play station. It is where Riverland Dubai begins.

Indian Gate

Indian Gate in Riverland is a tribute to the vibrant streets of Bombay and other living areas across the continent. Here you can mostly see Indian Traditional musicians pounding their beats to fame! If you're looking for a flavorful sauce and don't know where to go in Riverland, India Gate has various informal eating establishments and quick cafes to satisfy your hunger. This region, near the door entrance for Film fare Parks Dubai, pays tribute to the Indian film company's musical plays.

Apart from the regal Asian greeting complete with dancers, singers, and creative artworks, India Gate offers a choice of Middle Eastern and Asian cuisines. At India Gate, wherein their amazing creative artwork will fascinate you as you start the journey. Enjoy a regal Asian welcoming with singers and circus acts.


In the Boardwalk region, you may experience the popular Global era of the 1950s by seeing drummers and painters. California's bright tree branches and glitzy neon billboards will undoubtedly conjure up images of American History. It is a good choice for delicious desserts. Visitors may sample a selection of ice creams, gigantic marshmallows, and other treats from Fuzziwig's Candy Factory. Why not recapture the enthusiasm of old 1950s America and stroll through an urban city bursting with thrill and amusement. From drummers to live music, visitors enjoy their time. Take in the views of the high-rise buildings, sandy beaches, and glitzy neon signage everywhere around you.

The French Village

 If you want to enjoy the elegance of Europe's cobblestone streets and melodic street musicians, then the French village is a wonderful destination. You'll visit a new world by winding passageways, buildings, and water wheels. The marbled bridges and recreation of Medieval Dijon, Burgundy's historic capital, are worth seeing. It's also a fantastic place to go purchasing.

Galleries, one for painting and Wiring Up for making your identity into bracelets, are two other unique features that will attract art lovers. At The French Village, you may visit an early European town and take in the traditional monuments of Europe in the late 1600s. The water wheel and buildings will attract you in, while street entertainment, outdoor eating, and winding lanes will take you to another world.


The officials host a range of shows in Riverland Dubai to highlight major happenings and seasonal celebrations. The UAE national day, Christmas on the river to celebrate the holidays, and dance on the river for amazing theatrical acts and toddler's entertainment is amongst the major events. During the milder seasons, open-air theaters are built to show old movies that you may enjoy while relaxing on sofas. Holidays and important occasions are also celebrated with lights at Riverland Dubai, popular among the city's residents.

Eateries in Dubai Desert Safari. 

If you don't want to go on the Desert safari Dubai, there's also a dinner-only choice. Before going to the deserts, it's healthy to consume a light dinner because a full belly will only create problems. Typically desert safari permits include accommodation, pickup and drop-off services, as well as beverages. To make a reservation, go to the official web pages at least two months ahead of time. Include this desert safari in your list of stuff to do in Dubai.


Riverland Dubai offers a high choice of services if you're seeking a wonderful place to unwind and refresh with friends and family. Let's start with Riverland Dubai's four stylistically-unique regions, which provide a wonderful glimpse into the world's largest cities.

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