La Mer is Dubai's trendiest beach. Everything from the beaches to retailing, food, and music, making it a completely fun destination. This urban beachfront is ideal for families looking for a relaxing escape in the heart of the city.

Desert Safari

Adventures in the Desert Safari Dubai Trips of the huge and stunning UAE desserts are a specialty of Dubai. Enjoy one of Dubai's most interesting events while taking in the magnificent scenery of the orange sunsets. Also, visit the Lahbab Desert. The safari firm provides several options, along with a visit to Lahbab.

All about La Mer Dubai

This location is accessible all year for citizens and visitors. Adequate facilities are accessible across the street from the shore and below. Because of the stunning cityscape scenery, the funky soundtrack music playing, the vintage lights littered about, the street art paintings on structures and pavements, and the general beach atmosphere, it's easy to overlook you're in Dubai while strolling around La Mer. Rusty steel, cleaned lumber, sailboats, fishing lines, and weaved ropes are strewn about the location, creating a perfect mix of modern and current design that is also recyclable.

Enjoying the sunshine

There are four parts of La Mer Dubai. The shore is where you may relax and enjoy the sunshine, while the surf is where you can capture some waves. There are plenty of food alternatives, cultural events for kids and adults, and visitor attractions strewn across the Main islands. La Mer is yet another spot for tones of fun, and now one of their tops suggested tourist attractions in Dubai, with much to keep a family busy for a whole day.

Get to the Beach!

Get your sunblock and enjoy a day at the beach, enjoying the sunshine and feeling the beach between your feet. Relax in one of the seaside cabanas with amazing views of the Gulf Region. Also, participate in exciting water activities and beachside sports. Sports such as Fly boarding, Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing, and Wakeboarding are available at the North Coast shore. Renting sports such as Standup Paddling, Water bike, Speed boat, Fishing, and other floating activities are available in Beach Resort.

Take a walk down the boardwalk.

A few of the top photograph sites in the city are La Mer. The emphasis is not only on the beaches and the food places but also on art history, street art elements on the houses and sidewalks, and natural aspects along the boardwalk. Try to find painting fish on maintenance hole covers. Arabic slogans like "YallaHabibi" and "AlooKeefak" on wall art, tic tac toe painted on the asphalt, and decorated fish on tunnels are all visible.

Play in the waters at Laguna Water Park

The Laguna pool is an amazing family location for a full day of splashing and sliding. It features exhilarating falls, the region's headline feature, the 'WaveOz 180 FlowRider' for surfers, special children splashing area, and the ideal relaxed water park. Unwind in lavish cabanas on the beach, take a plunge in the waterpark's magnificent outdoor pool, equipped with a scuba dive burger joint, and dine on the Bungalow's roof with views of the city of the Gulf Region.

Bouncing at HawaHawa

'HawaHawa' refers to 'Jump for Joy,' a fun inflated park idea for kids and adults alike. This amusement, which originated in Japan, features a succession of desert hills for reduced leaping and elevated enjoyment.

Roxy Cinema

Film fans will love to watch their preferred blockbusters at this boutique-style movie theatre. Even though the monitors are small, with only 20 or so seats accessible, Roxy Cinema offers a distinct "bistro lounge experience." Visitors enjoy their meals within the theatre as they relax in their comfortable, quality leather reclining seats.

Food options at La Mer

La Mer offers flavors from all around the world, allowing choosing where and how to eat a tough challenge. La Mer has over 30 mouth-watering gastronomy choices for everybody. If you're seeking traditional American, genuine Indian, trendy Japanese, or luxury Mediterranean cuisine, then La Mer has a lot to offer. All along the shoreline, you'll find tons of cafés, chocolate bars, and ice cream shops. These all will tempt you along with their fascinating and diversified offerings. There is much to discover at La Mer.

Shopping at La Mer

Visit stores and beachside shops offering gorgeous products and items as you stroll all along the La Mer coastline. For surfers, boutiques are offering a fashionable choice of swimwear and blouses, as well as entertaining beach items and large surfboards to relax in. Other shops provide trendy fashion with metropolitan styles, eye-catching accessories, distinctive timepieces, and much more.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari, As a result, they may take part in a scenic sunrise drive, which is an amazing tourist excursion. The desert safari includes a 20-minute dunes-smashing adventure and an exciting camp excursion with quad biking, camel rides, and sand skating.


Given that Dubai is a tourist hotspot, you have a wide range of lodging options to choose from it. These resorts, on the other hand, are unquestionably pricey. These resorts, which are likewise appealingly designed, provide less comfort than high-end guesthouses but are nonetheless inexpensive and stylish!

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