Eye Bags

Under-eye bags are not only ugly and annoying, but they also make you look tired and droopy. Under-eye bags are also known as plump eyes and are mainly due to aging. The cause of stress, under-eye bags is also lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, and fatigue. Although there are many spa treatments and plump bags available at the best salons to get rid of with your eye outline though. But, is it wise to burn a hole in your pocket when it can be treated at home with affordable ingredients accessible in your kitchen cabinets? If you are looking for the best tips on how to get rid of bags under the eyes, then the following Natural Remedies for Eye Bags will be helpful for you.

Natural Remedies for Eye Bags

The best natural home remedies for eye bags are available in your home. Just make sure you follow the Natural Remedies for Eye Bags treatment regularly to get the desired results within a short period of time.

Chilled Milk

Keeping hydrated in front of your eyes can help you get rid of plump eyes. Dip a cotton ball in cold milk and place it on your eyelid. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and then wash gently. This ingredient can cool your eyes and decrease puffiness.


The most effective home remedy to get rid of eye bags under potatoes. Cut a raw potato and place the slices on your lashes for 15 minutes. Potato not only reduces puffiness but also helps to get rid of dark circles.


Just like potatoes, cucumber is also one of the great Herbal Remedies for Eye Bags to alleviate the cause of stress and dehydration caused by dark circles and plump eyes. Just slice a cucumber and put it on your eyelids for 20 minutes every day. If the treatment is continued continuously for a week then the eye bag under it will gradually decrease.

Castor Oil

Treat puffiness, swelling, and dark circles with castor oil massage around your eyes before bathing in the morning. Try this treatment at least twice a week. Buy Herbal Product for Eye Bags also helps to get rid of dark circles.

Note - When you massage it around with castor oil, it can irritate your eyes. Just rinse your eyes with water after the massage, to feel relaxed.

Egg White

Beat egg whites in a vessel and apply it everywhere your eyes using a thin brush. After the egg white dries, it gives a tight feeling. Leave for at least 25 minutes and then wash with warm water. Egg whites reduce puffiness around the eyes and also make the skin firm.

Ice Cube

To get rid of plump eyes after a long day at work, you can try ice cubes around your eyes. Just wrap some ice cubes in a thin cloth and put them on your eyes. Although it provides temporary relief from puffiness, it is a great way to refresh the look for a party or any pre-time with less. Just work wonders will also rinse your face with ice-cold water several times a day.

Chill Spoon

You only need two stainless steel spoons and a cup filled with ice cubes to get rid of the eye bags immediately. Just fill a cup with ice cubes and place the spoon inside them to let them walk. Now, keep a cool spoon over your eyes. Meanwhile, you can put the next spoon in the bowl to prepare it. This cure decreases puffiness and sagginess in no time.

Fresh Butter

Avoiding grease in fresh butter can instantly moisturize your skin to itch, dryness, patchiness, irritation, and dullness. Take a tablespoon of fresh butter and gently apply it around your eyes. Now massage for 15 minutes in a circular stroke. Leave for 15 minutes, so that your skin completely absorbs all the nutrients. Now, use warm water to wash your face to remove the bags under your eyes.

Hot Water and Salt

Warm water mixed with salt helps reduce puffiness and swelling of the skin. Take lukewarm water and add salt. Shake well. Now shower your face with this salty water. Alternatively, the balls of cotton wool are soaked in salt water and put in your eyes for better results.

Stay Hydrated

One of the main reasons behind the appearance of bags under the eyes - dehydration. Drink passable water to keep your body hydrated. Water at least 8 glasses or 2 liters of water is recommended to drink every day.

Vinegar and Oil Paste

Take a teaspoon of fresh apple cider vinegar and mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil is also one of the great Herbal Supplement for Eye Bags. Apply this mixture around your eyes and gently massage clockwise for five minutes, and then counterclockwise for 5 minutes. Repeat this regularly at night to relax your eyes.