The goal of this process for Arabian Ranches Golf Club is to create a perfect desert-style layout skin to those seen in Tempel, Arizona. This game, with its fantastic distance of 7,658 meters, is a tremendous trial for players. Ranches Café, located in the beautiful Early Spanish Resort, provides spectacular scenery of the 9th and 18th courses.

Desert Safari

A Desert Safari is another fascinating, adventurous, and thrilling pastime. Sunsets are stunning in and of themselves. As a result, photographing and sharing their people's elegance and attractiveness on social media is beneficial. You may obtain a dose of adrenaline at several cafes and shops. As a result, when visiting this well-known location, don't forget to bring your recording equipment. It includes the following activities like, Dune Bashing, Tanura Dance and Horse Riding etc. Enjoy one of Dubai's most exciting events while taking in the magnificent scenery of the orange sunsets.

Academy Troon

If you're a newbie making your first high kicks or putting, or an experienced enthusiast, the School by Troon has an instruction that will assist you in achieving your most excellent numbers ever.


Test yourselves on their one-of-a-kind dunes championships layout, which is a fun year for players of all levels. There are 11 spacious bedrooms with stunning scenery of the golf course or the lakes. All rooms include free Wi-Fi, conditioning systems, satellite Television, and a variety of other facilities. Some rooms have terraces. Arabian Ranches Golf Club has an inundation bowling alley that is open each day until 20:30. At Arabian Ranches Golf Club lies the Golf Institute, home to the hitting shooting range golf course.


Every day of the week, Ranches Cafe is the spot to make a lasting impression and feel like a part of society. Experienced PGA experts are on hand to instruct newcomers and help more experienced golfers improve. A balcony at the Ranches Restaurant & Bar offers stunning views of the 9th and 18th courses. The bar is open for lunch and dinner.


Anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties and gala dinners, private VIP parties, and every possible event are all held at breathtaking locations.

Arabian Ranches

The field has opened for guests, with social distance and Covid-19 security requirements. The Arabian Ranches Golf Club is miniature golf, par 72 signature layout built by Ian Confectioner in collaboration with Nicklaus Layout. The natural process of the courses through the sandy beaches and stunning desert backdrop, most of which contain some very remarkable design, makes this an accurate dunes grass layout that golfers appreciate.

Arabian ranches golf club

Players of all levels will appreciate and be rewarded by the availability of tee groupings of varying distances. The exquisite Spanish Colonial Resort, which has 11 luxury suites, was the first in the area to do so. The Ranches Restaurants and Balcony offer the stunning scenery of the 9th and 18th holes. It is the most beautiful spot for the companionship of family members and friends while dining on delectable foreign cuisines at any hour of the day. The Arabian Ranches Golf Course is a golfer's dream, featuring great lodging and amenities as well as an on-site, extremely competent golf course accessible to anyone with an acceptable rating.

Services offered in Dubai Desert Safari. 

There's also a dinner-only option if you don't want to go on the safari. It is good for health to eat a light brunch going to the deserts because a full stomach would only bring issues. Accommodation, pick-up and drop-off services, and beverages are usually included in desert safari licenses.As a result, it's worthwhile to picture and share their people's elegance and beauty on social media.As a result, people must get back to 'business as usual as soon as feasible. However, only time will tell whether holidays will continue to be as popular as they were previously.


Visit the official web pages at least two months in advance to book a reservation. Another amazing, adventurous, and exhilarating activity is a Desert Safari. Sunsets are magnificent in their own right. As a result, don't forget to bring your recording equipment when visiting this famous area. Enjoy one of Dubai's most exciting events while taking in the magnificent scenery of the orange sunsets. Unlike other Western countries, the UAE is entirely reliant on tourism. It does not have a benefits system, so there is no substantial safety net.

Picnic in Desert Safari.

Set up camp on the shore and enjoy your excellent food while Dubai Desert Safari. You won't need to bring anything because various cafes serve coffee, fruit juices, ice cream, and other treats throughout the park. Roast beef sandwiches are sold in a cafe near the entrance, so you'll be ready for picnics.


Arabian Ranches Golf Course, located in the middle of its named neighborhood and just a quick trip from Dubai's important institution, is a leisure traveler’s attraction with eateries and recreational time. The Commons is an 18-hole, par-72 signature range developed by Ian Baker-Finch and Nicklaus Layout in collaboration. Golfers preserve the beautiful movement of the courses through the sandy beaches and beautiful desert terrain, which was built as an accurate dunes grass layout.

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