Make a world of difference

It is often said that the simple things are the most important. The same principles can be applied to your home. Walls and floors cover up massive amounts of space throughout your home, so it is so important to get these things right. A freshly laid floor can make a massive difference to the feel and look of your home. The way it adds light or darkens a room, and even the way it feels underneath your feet are all things that are considered when looking at laminate flooring. The best part about laminate flooring is the huge range available and the easy installation. Here are the top things to consider while installing laminate flooring.

Where is it in the house?

The most important things to considering is where it is in the house. Firstly, you need to consider the amount of moisture a given room in the house will hold, as laminate flooring is not best suited to humid conditions. This said, laundries and bathrooms are probably not a great idea to install flooring. Also, you need to ensure that the colour of the laminate flooring combines well with the colour on the walls. Finally, consider the difference in height when considering flooring installation, as the room transitions may be changed.

Straight over the top

Unlike other flooring, laminate flooring can be laid over the top of existing flooring, given it is not carpet. If this is occurring, be sure to get accurate heights before proceeding with flooring installation. The addition of flooring will affect the transition height into other rooms and will also slightly raise furniture and appliances. If it will negatively affect the room, it may be an idea to consider removing the existing flooring.

Prepare beforehand

Preparation is key, so there are a few things you can do to make the flooring installation easier. Firstly, properly measure the room(s) and give 10% extra for mistakes and off-cuts. Once this has been completed and ordered, place the flooring in the place where it is being laid to make the install easy and have the laminate get used to the conditions. Furthermore, have the door frame base taken out to ensure for the flooring installation to slide straight underneath. Also have all the tools required ready to use, such as a saw, clamps, tape measure etc.

The importance of underlay

Prior to flooring installation, having underlay is a must. Some laminate flooring has underlay built in, whilst others do not. If you have purchased laminate flooring without underlay, purchase enough underlay to cover all areas where flooring is being laid. This provides insulation, which is great for those colder months of the year, along with absorbing impact and sound.