Whether you are just a newbie, or have been playing for years, it can be difficult if you get stuck and have no clear way forward. Now if you are learning to play, you can easily pick up some incorrect playing techniques and bad habits if you haven’t had plenty of training prior. Eliminating these habits will fast track your progress and you will be jamming with the best in no time!


Tune your ukulele

If you are doing your absolute best to learn a song, you want it to sound how it should. You are perfecting the chords, finger placement and are becoming more comfortable doing it, however it just doesn’t sound right…it may be out of tune. Like any guitar, your ukulele needs to be tuned as well. If the notes don’t quite hit perfectly, play with your ukulele, and ensure it is tuned. You can do this best by using an electronic tuner, it will be super accurate in detecting the tunings of each string. You can buy these with online guitars or where ukuleles for sale are located.


Having proper form

Like learning anything, it is the fundamentals that count. Maintaining correct form and using good posture will go a long way whilst playing a ukulele. You want the ukulele to sit correctly and feel comfortable whilst playing, and you want to sit or stand straight whilst playing…not doing this will place unnecessary strain on our body. Use your forearm to support the ukulele and have it sat under your chest.


Learning the basics

Many songs today are based off four main chords, so learning five of the most popular chords on a ukulele will go a very long way in being able to master your favourite songs! The five chords to learn are:


A Chord

C Chord

G Chord

F Chord

G Chord


To practice these chords, go at a slow pace, and nail them. Once you are comfortable, start increasing the pace. Try and learn a chord first, before moving onto the next. This will slowly develop muscle memory. If you are feeling more comfortable, you can find plenty of online resources for learning where there are online guitars and ukuleles for sale, even on YouTube.


There is no rush

This refers to both playing and having to be perfect in a hurry. There is no need to be a pro in a matter of weeks, it simply won’t happen. This will just frustrate you and take away from the enjoyment. When playing, there is a great tool you can buy when browsing online guitars and ukuleles for sale called a metronome. This device beeps in sequence and can be changed to certain speeds. The best way to fast track your learning it to simply slow down. Use the metronome to help you play songs at a slower pace, and slowly work into a faster pace.


Another quick and easy way to help is to hum the lyrics of a song whilst playing slowly.

This will help you enjoy playing and a great way to build into singing and playing.