Home Inspectors or Certified Home Inspector in Cumming GA are professionals who inspect homes to identify repairable problems, and/or problems that need to be corrected prior to selling the home. Some states do not require a home inspection to sell a home, but most require it. The first step in having a certified home inspector to do a home inspection on your home is to get a copy of your building plan. Once you have your building plan, review the plan with your home inspector and have them review the plans and all relevant documents related to your home. 

Check From Different Contractors

Your builder or realtor will usually give you a copy of the current building plan. The inspector will then quote an estimate for repairs or replacements. If your builder or realtor does not offer this service, then you will need to obtain the estimates from at least two different contractors, preferably three or more. You may also have the opportunity to have a 'side by side' comparison of the contractor's estimates. 

Routine Home Inspections

Professional home inspectors will typically perform Cumming Home Inspection Services, such as checking the heating system, central air conditioning (air conditioner), heating, electrical, drainage and plumbing systems. Additionally, they will inspect fire sprinklers and fire alarm systems. Some professional inspectors will also check the roof of your home, ceilings, attics, walls, floors, crawlspaces, basement, exterior walls, driveways, doors, windows and other visible areas. They will also inspect the plumbing systems, including the kitchen sink, toilet, faucets, hot water tank, garbage disposal unit, septic, sewer and septic system. 

Make A Plan For Your Building Inspection

Once you have the building plan and all the pertinent inspection reports, the next step is to submit your plans for approval. This can be done via a local home inspector, or you can do it yourself using a checklist. Your checklist should include all the items on your checklist, and include measurements of the items you've inspected. Also, it may be helpful to add a couple more items, such as a brief discussion on why each item is being inspected, what the warranty on each item is and whether there are any leaks in the system. Finally, you may want to indicate if you are requesting a permit for any venting, heating, cooling or plumbing repairs. 

Disclouse All the Issues to Homebuyer

A complete home inspection will ensure that the homeowner was given the right information regarding the problems in advance of beginning work. For example, a boiler or furnace may need to be checked before starting the job. Also, items such as the flue and chimney were found to be in good repair before work began. In addition, a well-written report provides the buyer with complete peace of mind and the opportunity to take control of the situation. Buyers who have had no previous contact with the inspector, are looking for a simple process that provides an objective report of the condition of their home. 

Satisfaction Of Buyer is Neccessary 

If the home inspection report is written by the Cumming Certified Home Inspector and gives the buyer peace of mind, then the buyer has completed the inspection process. In addition, a buyer can receive a refund, depending on the specific conditions addressed in the home inspection report. Buyers should never allow the inspector to pressure them into purchasing a home, no matter how qualified or skilled they are in assessing problems. The purchase process must remain a positive experience and a comfortable time for all parties. The seller should have no concerns about the home inspection report, because if the inspector makes a recommendation for repairs, it should be followed.