Wax paper bags are a popular packaging solution in the food industry. They can be used for various items such as fries, cookies, bread, sandwiches, and other bakery items. Moreover, these bags are excellent for maintaining the freshness of the food items. Another great thing about these bags is that they are grease-resistant. Thus, they can be used for packaging oily foods as well without tearing them apart. Therefore, various companies, including major food chains, use these bags for packaging their food.  

If you are also looking for easy food packaging solutions, then these bags are a great idea. Read these secrets to help you out in designing amazing bags. 

Customizable Designs Boosting Up Sales


Custom wax paper bags are available in different shapes and sizes. This feature makes them suitable for packaging various food items. So, these bags are a practical choice, whether for a bakery or a fast-food business. Moreover, they can also be used for take-out as these bags are durable and oil resistant.  

You can also customize the way you want to seal the bags. For instance, you can use zip locks for your bags to maintain the products' freshness for longer. On the other hand, you can choose to fold the top of the bags and secure them with an attractive sticker. 

To make the bags more appealing, you can customize the colors as well. Although these bags are mostly available in brown or white colors, various companies offer them in different colors. Thus, you can correspond with your chosen packaging company to know about the color options they provide. Furthermore, by using unique color combinations, you can make the bags look more distinctive.  

An Eco-Friendly Solution For Packaging Food 

Wax paper bags are comparatively more environment-friendly than other food packaging options such as plastic. However, they can be made even better by choosing kraft material. This material is biodegradable, recyclable, and eco-friendly. Thus, by choosing kraft wax paper bags, you can keep the environment green without compromising the products' freshness. Moreover, making this simple yet significant change can show customers that you care about the eco system a well. This will lead the customers to appreciate your brand more and increase your sales as well.  

Enhance The Uniqueness Of Your Boxes


Branding is an essential process for boosting any business. This process includes making your packaging design unique as well. Thus, you can achieve this through customized printing. For instance, you can develop a creative logo with vibrant colors and print it on the bag. In addition to this, you can print the brand name as well. Also, a catchy slogan related to your brand can make the bags distinctive as well.  

Furthermore, the font style, size, and color used for the printed content can be customized according to your demand as well. Similarly, you can also select a printing technique for custom printed wax paper bags. The three techniques available for this purpose are: 

● Offset printing. 

● Digital printing. 

● Flexography printing. 

Add Windows For a Better Display:

PVC windows are a great way to upgrade the design of your wholesale wax paper bags. They are great for showing off the delicious baked goods stored inside the bags. They allow the customers to see the bags' contents, their quality, and their texture without opening the packaging. Moreover, this addition is excellent for baked goods as it will give a glimpse of the products inside. This will pique the customer’s interest and intrigue them to try out your products.  

Therefore, by adding windows to your bakery bags and sleeve boxes, waxed kraft paper bags can help to display your products in the best way possible. Moreover, it will also help attract customers and increase your sales as well. 

Find The Right Fit


There are various companies in the packaging industry that also offer solutions for your packaging for lip gloss needs. However, choosing a company that fits your requirements the best is an essential task. You have to consider various points when it comes to selecting a company. These points may include the services they provide, the quality of their services, prices, etc. So, you can make this decision easier by making a list of suitable companies. Them you can compare them and pick the best option.  

You can also avail of various benefits after selecting a company for ordering natural wax paper bags. For instance, you can choose a design from the templates offered by the packaging company. However, you can also design the bags yourself as well. Furthermore, if you face any problem while designing, you can easily get professional advice from your chosen company.  

In addition to this, you can request a prototype as well before placing your final order. This will help you know what the design of the bags will look like after production. You can also choose the type of prototype you want as well. The options include: 

● Flat view. 

● 3D inspection. 

● Physical sampling. 

Create Unique Bags With Urgent Boxes 

UrgentBoxes is a company that offers diverse solutions for any problems you may have regarding food packaging. They manufacture customized wax paper bags at reasonable prices. Furthermore, their professional staff is available to help you out regarding any obstacles you may face during the designing process. Also, they offer free delivery all over the USA with free shipping. 

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