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We will provide you with reliable and affordable check printing services in Canada as one of the leading providers. Our check ordering process is easy, shipping is free, and our customer service is excellent. Our priority is ensuring the highest level of security. We ensure the check processing for your company is handled professionally through our experience. The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) is an umbrella organization covering the interests of businesses. As part of our business services, we assist companies in building checks in accordance with their specifications. Customized with company information and logos, these can be tailored to your needs.


Over 100,000 people work for this Canadian company


Countless Canadian Business Cheques  like yours, like yours, rely on Cheque Print Company to print millions of checks every year. Below is a list of our business checks.


You can't do business without checks


Some companies don't believe they can order business cheques online through a private company instead of through their bank, even though they're a common payment method. Checks are frequently printed by third-party companies like ours for banks that rarely do so on their own. You can save up to 30% on company checks if you order them from us rather than your bank.


The ordering of cheques by businesses


The ordering representative prepares and sends you a business check. A simpler ordering process and improved security are created in this way. The sole responsibility for processing checks lies with us, unlike banks.


Making sure your business has a good credit rating



Our mission is to provide our clients with the best service possible as we are one of the most reliable online resellers of Canadian business checks. We can help you with business checks at any time by contacting our team of experts.




Canadian business cheques offer many advantages


Throughout our online store, you can find blank business checks, accounting checks, and printer checks. Business envelopes, logo checks, designer checks, and business checkbooks can also be ordered.


Business models that are flexible are assured to be of high quality


Personalized business checks, custom handwritten stubs, logos, and full-color business checks can all be created.


Business checks can now be ordered online


When you order online checks from Cheque Print, we make sure that they match your accounting software specifications. In our meeting, we can provide you with a complimentary proof of what your company checks will look like before they're printed, so that you're in compliance with CPA standards. 


Whenever you order checks, you'll also receive another check! If you have questions about Cheques Plus, please feel free to contact us.


Banks charge much higher prices for pre printed computer checks.                                                                                                      


In order to operate your business successfully, you must consider security


Our #1 priority is the delivery of your business or personal checks, so make sure they arrive on time and in good condition.


Guidelines were followed for preparing the checks sends checks in accordance with the Canadian Payment Association guidelines, using the same suppliers as banks. A company receives identical information from its financial institution when placing its first order.


Orders placed on the same day will be delivered the following day

In general, if the order is placed by 1:30pm, it will be shipped that same day. For order eligible for standard rush services in Ontario and Quebec, shipping and handling are free.


Regardless of its size, all orders are welcome


All orders are important to us, no matter how small or large. We are dedicated to providing outstanding customer service.

 Customers can order, inquire about existing orders, and view pre-printed computer checks online.


Last but not least, I would like to close.


Any order, no matter how large or small, is valued by us. Providing outstanding customer service allows us to answer questions about our website, assist with choosing preprinted checks, and investigate orders already placed.


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