The T-shirts, which can be ordered online under your own name and design, without discounts, can be embroidered or customized by you.


Our custom embroidered shirts are tailored to your specifications


Get a tea towel embroidered with your T Shirts Embroidery design



Construction of this building was done with great care


Embellishment takes place in both our Canadian and European fulfillment centers


Wearing top shirts and owning parrots


The embroidery machine we have and the softest shirts we have enable us to produce quality products


Whenever you want to dine, you can


Online selling embroidered shirts is easy with us because we take care of everything for you


You've got to choose your shirt first before you can design it


  • It is recommended to use flat embroidery for the best customization
  • Here are some steps you can take to get the best results:
  • The minimum shape size should be 0.05" (1.3mm).
  • Embroider text and graphics

The maximum size of a case is not defined. Satin seams are used between 0.05" (1.3mm) and 0.5" (12.5mm), and tatami is used over 0.5" (12.5").


It is possible to combine as many as six color strings


If you are using color cords, match them to the design


Uploading digital files will take place on your computer


A machine that recognizes embroidery files embedded digitally is an embroidery machine. This program can be used as often as you like for a one-time fee of $6.50 (or $3.95 if you design and upload it using Our Builder). Print Pro can be accessed by anyone willing to pay a smaller amount. In order to complete the plan, you will use free digital embroidery designs.

Our company has never been more convenient for online sales

Automated importation of orders takes place

Automated order entry and delivery of e-commerce orders received by our system

There is a monthly registration fee waiver


Provide your brand with customized options

Using custom labels and pack-ins, we print and ship all items for your product

Because we are located on both sides of the Great Lake, we are close to your customers

Installing does not require any action on your part

It is not necessary to invest in costly storage or printing equipment to sell embroidered shirts

There have been preparations made in preparation for integration

Clicking a few buttons is all it takes to add your store to Printful. With our numerous e-commerce integrations, we cater to a broad range of customer needs


Providing industry professionals with professional services

  Our Concord, Massachusetts facility has decorated almost all of the products we have manufactured (over six million to date).


Please do not hesitate to contact us in case of need. Printing and embroidery jobs will be delivered to you on time and in excellent condition by our highly trained staff. If you have any questions or need anything from me, please let me know! Feel free to contact us if you want!


A collection of online design resources and tools


Creating a design has never been easier than with our online tools! Embroidered logos can be designed or certified in a matter of clicks. When you visit our print studio, we have a variety of printed tees for you to choose from... 


Merchandise bearing a brand name


Because we have years of experience with brands like Patagonia, North Face, and Under Armour, we can offer them. In the event that our catalog does not have what you need... 


The company offers both embroidered and regular t-shirts

Embroidering on a shirt


Custom polo shirts are our main focus. Enjoy the comfort, quality, and style of these fine products!

It has an embroidered design


With on-screen graphics, it is a T-shirt


We now offer custom screenprinting on t-shirts at Corporate Casual. You can start creating right away with hundreds of free design templates from our online design studio.


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