ZS Vibrating Sifter is used in Sifting of materials in Pharmaceutical manufacturing with different mesh of Sieves and it is widely used equipment in pharmaceuticals and in food industries.

Working Principle of Vibro Sifter

Vibro Sifter works on the gyro principle. The word gyro here refers to Gyroscopic motion which is a tendency of a rotating object in order to maintain the orientation of its rotation. In machines, gyratory motion is obtained from specially designed gyro motor, which is fitted underneath the vibrating assembly. A specially designed rugged spring completely isolates this assembly from the base with the help of Gyro-motor. The motor is fitted with eccentric weights present at its as well as base to create centrifugal force. This whole assembly is covered by an SS plate.

Main Uses of Vibro Sifter in Material Processing

Ideally, the principal purposes of the Vibro sieve tend to vary according to the usage. Also, this all depends on the nature and layout of the machine.

1.Sifting or Rebolting:

Basically, as the name suggests, this is one of the main implementations of this particular type of computing machine.


This is the other critical area where a check screen is placed for a check.

This inevitably requires extracting lumps or a broad variety of unwanted foreign objects from a more polished substance than the scalping film.

3.Proof sifting:

This is the final assurance of the consistency of the drug.

Therefore, in many sectors, this device gives a final review of the commodity after the whole production cycle has finished.

4.Screening or Grading:

It is also another critical application of the Vibro Sifter.

Screening or scoring simply implies the process of distinguishing an item by its actual dimension.


  1. Superior accurate separation efficiency
  2. Lower noise levels
  3. Ball tray for anti-blinding
  4. Multi deck models available
  5. Upper deck open or covered
  6. Explosion-proof motors if required

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