Despite the fact that the Rocket League community has always been large, the truth is that it has grown significantly since the game went free-to-play a few months ago, in addition to the introduction of cross-progress, which allowed the community to play on any platform they chose.  In order to get used to the game's crazy gameplay, a large number of new players arrived looking for guidance.  Already, we've shared some basic advice, but now it's time to get a little more sophisticated.


A very powerful shot will be discussed today, and it happens to be very simple to execute.  It's true that if you're a beginner, you'll need to learn a few things about Rocket League before you can pull off this move, but even an average player can pull off this move, which has been dubbed the Goku flick because of its resemblance to the kamehameha.

It's done like this in Rocket League: Goku's fling.
This shot has been shared by a Reddit user named Foretiger, who, as we can see from his profile, holds the Grand Champion rank, indicating that he is a very good player in this game.  However, despite the fact that it is a powerful shot, the one he teaches through a montage and demonstrates how to make it is not difficult.  Choosing a vehicle is the first thing to think about.  It is necessary to get the ball on top of the car and keep it there in order to make the shot, which is not always possible in all vehicles with cheap Rocket League items. A car like the Breakout or Dominus is necessary in this situation.  In this case, the Breakout is utilized by the specific player
To begin, ride the ball on top of your car and drive with the ball on top of your car.  A beginner will find this the most difficult part, but with enough practice, they will quickly master it.
Remember that if at all possible, this should be done from your own field, as the shot will be powerful and it will be easy for it to bounce out of the goal if you shoot from close range.  4.
After you have the ball in your car, drive towards the middle of the field or a little earlier, and then you must make a small jump, lifting the ball slightly but not completely detaching it from the cche, to complete the move.
Then, while in the air Rocket League credits for sale, rotate your car horizontally to face away from the opponent's goal (for example, if you are on the right side of the field, turn the car to face the right side, and vice versa. )
The second jump should be taken just before you hit the ground, a little to the opposite side from where you had turned.  Although the car will not turn because you are so close to touching the ground, it will have been able to push the ball with tremendous force.  No shot will hit the target every time, but you will throw the ball a long distance and be in position to capitalize on any rebound opportunities that may arise.  In 1v1 situations, of course, this shot is particularly useful, as it is highly unlikely that someone will be able to stop the ball in duos or standard situations.
It's all about practice, after that.