Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable thing if people know how to correctly do it. But the problem is that people don't always know how to start out with the affiliate marketing system, so it may be a bit confusing. If you don't quite understand the term and how it all works, here is the essence of the affiliate marketing system.

It is a process through which an individual promotes the products of another website or company and generates online traffic to that particular website. When the traffic works, the individual gains a commission for the traffic that is generated through their link or ad posted on their own page or on other pages, depending on how the process works for a particular company.

When you have a website, the affiliate marketing system can work to your advantage very easily. You can simply post ads or links from articles on your website to generate traffic to the website that you are doing it for and get the traffic.

Most often with the affiliate marketing system, you are paid per click for the particular link or ad that you post. This amount alone will be small, but you will be paid in a lump sum every so often for the amount of clicks you generate to the website. Usually, the price is about $.10 per click, so 10 clicks on your website will get you $1 per day.

You are probably wondering how $10 a day will make you money. Well, there are two ways. You need to either get much more than ten clicks a day, which will be discussed a little later, or you have to use it from many different companies. Ten companies will increase your pay from $1 a day to $10 a day, in theory.

Of course, the success of the affiliate marketing system depends solely on the success of your website. If you have very little traffic, you will at best have very little success with the affiliate marketing system. If your website gets a lot of visitors, you will in turn get a lot of profit from it on your site.

You can't just put up a link and get paid for people clicking it, though. The affiliate marketing system doesn't work like that. You either have to be contacted by the company or contact the company yourself in order to be able to gain money from posting their link on your own website. They will have to agree to pay you per click for the traffic to their site that you generate.

It is very profitable if you have a website of your own because you can freely control the posts on it and make money from posting links on your site. The system is easy to understand once you get the concept of it and of how you make money from it. Affiliate marketing is a very profitable resource to make money without really even doing anything.