Dubai is famous and known as best tour point because of many reasons. Firstly, it is popular due to well-structured and designed buildings. This provides an exciting view to its tourists. The second reason is its delicious food. The third reason is that it contains various men made locations like artificial water ocean on which dhow Cruise are sailing nowadays. From these beautiful sceneries, desert safari dhow cruise Marina & creek are famous among people of all group ages. If you are searching for a good traveling package remaining within your budget, then you are at the right place. No other site can beat the level of its attraction.

Types of dhow Cruises in Dubai?

Do you know about the basic Dhow Cruise Dubai types that are offered in Dubai? These are 2 which are named as;

  • Dhow cruise creek (the old Dubai views).
  • Dhow cruise Marina. (The latest Dubai views).

These two are becoming famous due to its views and concepts.

What are the features of dhow cruise?

Dhow cruise is much attractive due to its features that cannot be replaced by other parameters. Basically all companies working on improving the set-ups of their dhow cruises. We are also offering different dhow cruise packages that are produced by keeping your easily affordable prices in our mind. So, if you face any kind of difficulty in booking, then you can consult with our team handlers via mail or by making a call to the number given. Dhow cruise carries certain unique features that are;

  • Pick drop.
  • Welcome soft drinks on your arrival.
  • Trained and professional staff.
  • 2 decks.
  • Outside view.
  • BBQ party.
  • Delicious 3-course dinner.

Due to these factors, it is quite popular.

Pick & drop

If you don't have any car, and you are facing difficulty in booking taxi to a new country, then you just have to tell us about it. We provide you his services to our customers, so they can relax throughout the tour. Call and made pre bookings. If you don’t want to use our pick and drop, then you can also exclude it in your package. 

Welcome to dhow cruise Dubai.

In order to welcome you, our staff with following the precautions will present you energetic and fresh soft drinks. These help you in keeping active. Juices, water and soft drinks are available without any restrictions throughout your whole journey.

Professional staff.

We always hire best people for our company. Our staff is consisting of trained, active and professional trainers. Due to COVID, our staff makes sure to follow all anti COVID instructions. You will find out the best tour service in our travel company. Our ratings and quality maintenance staff will inspire you for sure.

Refreshments on dhow cruise.

Refreshments maters a lot in s tour. There are now any boundary lines for using them. You can drink water, juices and the soft drinks at any time on the dhow cruise.

How many decks there on dhow cruise are present?

Both the dhow cruise boats contain 2 decks.  That are usually known as ;

  • Upper deck ---- (presence of air).
  • Lower deck ---- (fully air-conditioned).

In these 2 dhow cruise decks, the arrangement of sitting is not fixed. If you want to sit on any place upper or on the lower one, you have the freedom to choose in between them.

Outside views of dhow cruise.

It's interesting to know that both contain mesmerizing view. Large windows are present in the lower deck portion. From these windows you can see the outstanding views of outside. The dhow cruise Marina will make you fall in love with the beauty of modern Dubai. On dhow cruise Marina the views of the Dubai are waiting for you. If you are a fan of old art, then you must go for a Creek dhow cruise. It's up to you to choose among them because these both are fantastic. On nights its beauty increases.

BBQ party & shows

We include few live shows there too. These live shows include the following;

  • The old traditional dance show ; tanoura,
  • Puppet show.

Music is playing on backgrounds both in upper & on the lower deck. Every event is incomplete without the most popular and delicious Barbecues.  You can enjoy there the best BBQ along with your family. Shows are organized by our professional team.

3-Course dinner

We arrange two delicious types of dinner for you during Dhow Cruise. That are;

  • Vegetarian meals.
  • Non-vegetarian dishes.
  • Dessert of two to 3 types.

With this tasty and delicious food, the salads of various types will also be served here. The main dinner dishes are designed according to the choice of tourist's as some of them avoid non veg in their meals. So, they can easily relay on vegetarian food. The dessert dessert menu contains 2 to three items that will be presented to you on last.

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