The important step in any business is pricing that what will you charge or take for your project. Similarly, in tattooing, the basic step is that what you will charge for a tattoo. It is your choice and preference that what will it work out per hour? After comparing and watching your competitors you will judge that the price of a good tattoo is not generally cheap if the artist is using all tattoo supplies properly. It means that the price of a tattoo is not inexpensive. Because in this is the age of high inflation rate the price of equipment skill involved, cost of overhead and floor space tattoos are not a bad deal it is the very good and profitable le business. This is the permanent artwork investment. At the start do not place the free tattoo on the customers’ skin for advertisement. For advertisement the price to place the tattoo on the customer is consistent. It will be profitable for you.


The Price Of Tattoo Supplies

Do not start with the low prices and later raised your prices of Tattoo Supplies. So after that people will come back later and will expect the same low price so it will be problematic for you. So try to set standard prices at the start if possible or start as soon a possible. Compromising on the prices is not good for you if you are working with wonderful tattoo supplies so must fix your prices according to some standard. The best and easy way to solve the problem that what to charge is to visit the good tattooist shop in your area and notice that what the tattooist charging so fix your prices after comparing with that. When you will visit the tattooist shop also compare different tattoo sizes, shapes, and designs. So after comparing with that shop that the tattoo artist is charging this for this size or shape because every design and size has its own price means the large-sized tattoo has more price than the small size tattoo. The large-size tattoo requires more time to complete. Also, notice and fix the price according to the use of tattoo supplies in tattooing because these supplies make the tattoo work more professional and smooth the tattoo looks very professional by use of tattoo supplies so while using the tattoo supplies the pricing should be fixed according to some standard.

It is not good to deal with the client on the call and give details about the prices. Because most of the people that are calling are not so serious. Some are looking for the cheapest prices so they ask about prices on the phone so do not quote any pricing on the phone. Ask the caller to visit the shop and check the status of the shop.


Different Methods:

The most common and popular method of pricing is the A B C method. A B C means there are three different varieties and the pricing is fixed according to this. The fundamentals and initialization of this method are very simple. You must make a poster or card with information about the pricing and design is printed. For example, with the help of this method, you can fix your commercial design in the three size ranges. You can write 20$ for small work and short design and it is listed in the A category. You can write 30$ on medium size design and it can be listed in the B category. Similarly, you can write 40$ for a large design and it can be listed in the C category. It should be written and clear on the poster to clear the customer and the poster is hanged on the front so that customers can easily watch and select. Now what you have to do is to place the letter sticker on the flash sheet design. For example in A the tattoo design is simple and in B the tattoo design is complex and larger than A and in C the design will be professional and large including some extra designs. So this is the easy method for the customer to select which design according to his taste and money. That how many customers can afford the customer can select the design category according to this. You can also use the book alternatively for this method the designs are placed on the book paper along with the prices so that customers can select easily.


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