Dubai (city of lights) is becoming the major point of attraction because of the presence of beautiful sites within it. The best place to go trending nowadays is none other than Dubai. There are further amendments that will continue to add up in order to increase the charm of Dubai. So, Dubai is popular for these reasons. There are a lot of buildings that are present within it. Many factors in the Dubai region are making it the place of attraction. Dubai carries a huge beauty within it. You must go for a journey towards the city of light. There are numerous factors and activities in Dubai that make it interesting and appealing to people of all ages.


  1. Select the pick and drop

 We give our customers the zone of comfort as we are also giving them the facility of pick-up and drop-off from their residences For Dhow Cruise Dubai. We pick you up from home right on the given schedule. This is according to your chosen morning or evening package. If you have your own convictions, then you can also skip this service. And according to this, the charges for this service will be excluded.


  1. Drinks and snacks

 On board after your entrance onto the Dhow cruise, you will find our team there with glasses filled with fresh, cold drinks. The supply of water, juices and the fresh cold drinks are available all the time on the dhow cruise. Refreshments are non-stop on the Dhow cruise. The ddjnks are served under the COVID measures. On the dhow cruise, the refreshments surely make you refreshed. Our staff use hygiene precautions before putting a dish on your table. 


  1. Live performances

 Here, the full package of entertainment is available on the Dhow cruise. Various shows are going on the dhow cruise. In particular, the most popular show of all is the dances of Tanoura. They go there on the Dhow cruise. Besides the Tanoura show, there are different shows like puppet shows, music and dances. Music is playing on the dhow cruise and a DJ show is presented on demand. The Hindi, English, and Urdu languages are the top three music languages that are played there. 


  1. Decks

 A perfect dhow cruise consists of two decks by itself. These decks carry the same features that make them unique. This is the idea that is driven by the old times' boats. It carries two decks inside the dhow cruise, for carrying a huge capacity within it and for modifying the restaurant settings inside. You can choose any one from both of these and sit there. These two decks have been given names;

  • The upper portion of the dhow cruise is known as the upper deck.
  • The lower portion of the dhow cruise is known as the lower deck.


Upper deck arrangement


The open environment preset on the dhow cruise contains various beautiful outside scenes. On the upper portion of the deck, the fresh and cool air of the dhow cruise is blowing. The tables are arranged there in such a way that everyone can enjoy the views of Dubai equally. By keeping in mind the COVID spread and taking precautions, the tables are arranged next to each other at a distance of two meters. The facility to smoke is also available on the upper deck. Many people avoid it in the presence of an air conditioner. For this reason, on the upper deck, this facility is available.


 Lower deck arrangement

 On the lower portion of the dhow cruise, the tables are arranged in such a way that you can enjoy all views of the old or new Dubai. The lower deck of the dhow cruise is fully covered with large windows that are made up of glass. This part of the cruise is fully air-conditioned for your comfort. So relax in order to have a lot of fun. Dinner will be served at your table on the dhow cruise. The full amazing views of Dubai from the dhow cruise can be seen and enjoyed from the dhow cruise. Pre booking for any sort of seat booking can't be processed. You can sit anywhere you want to sit. 

 Dinner on a buffet

The dinner we serve here on the Dhow Cruise is a buffet type dinner. Our dinner menu is comprised of three courses. The dinner menu consists of two vegetarian options and one non-vegetarian option. You can choose and pay according to your choices. The last part of the dinner is the dessert, which consists of two to three main dishes that must be presented to you at last. There are cakes, ice creams, and other sweet dishes that you can order on your table at the moment of travelling via the dhow cruise. This dinner will give you an amazing experience. The taste of the food is surely going to make you a fan.

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