Blinds are a basic, elegant window treatment that may be controlled with ease for maximum convenience. Even the most practical blinds NYC though, can run into problems from time to time. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you fix them and keep them from happening again.

Vertical blinds are quite useful; however, they can occasionally cause issues. You might have an ancient window that you’d like to show off or a view of the outdoors that you’d like to show off. You may want to control how much light comes in, but you don’t want to have to turn on the lights every time you close your vertical blinds. We’ll go through some common vertical blind difficulties and how to solve them in this blog.

  • Window blinds don’t lower down

The most typical cause of difficulty in lowering the blinds to cover the window is a problem with the cord lock. Pull your blinds open all the way and secure them with a click. Pull one side of the release cord, then the other. The mechanism will generally be released as a result of this action. If not, you may need to remove the blind and examine the mechanism more closely. Remove all screws from the blind and place them on a tabletop.

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  • Slates don’t rotate or tilt properly

Customers occasionally claim that slats on Venetian and Vertical blinds aren’t rotating or tilting properly. This is usually due to a blockage – dirt or dust that has accumulated in the mechanism. The first place you should look is on buildout and dirt. To remove any build-up, use a microfiber cloth or a duster. If the problem persists, use WD-40 or a comparable chemical to lubricate the mechanism.

  • One slate is broken

Individual slats in vertical blinds might break due to wear and tear or damage. The good news is that technology has progressed to the point where you won’t have to pay for a pricey replacement. Simply take out the damaged slat and discard it properly.

  • Window blinds hanging evenly

When your blinds don’t hang straight, it’s usually because the cable has been snagged on one side. Instead of allowing the fabric or slats to be evenly distributed, this pulls one side up. Make sure the cords aren’t twisted, tangled, or otherwise clogged in any way.

  • Slat’s chain is broken

Some styles can be connected using DIY hacks and other homemade methods, Vertical blinds include a connecting chain at the bottom that keeps the slats in place and allows them to open in unison.

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  • Slate rotating in a different direction

Slats that are misaligned are simple to correct. Congestion in the top sliding frame is the most common cause. Check here first by opening or rolling down the blinds completely. It could be as simple as a gentle twist or readjustment. Take care not to bend or snap any of the internal components. Roll the window down and rotate back to rearrange and shuffle the slates.


With the right care and maintenance, you can extend the life of the window blinds and shutters, shop from the reputed Vertical Blinds NY shops that come with a guarantee and replacement if any issue arises in the future.

SourceCommon window blinds problem and their fixes