A felony DWI conviction is not the end of the world, but there are a couple of essential things to do if you are charged with this crime. First of all, if you are stopped and questioned, you should comply with the officer but do not say anything to incriminate yourself. If you are in and around Fort Worth, Texas, you need to contact a good Fort Worth DWI Lawyer right away, who is experienced in DWI felony cases.


This is why it is important not to say anything that could further incriminate yourself if stopped and charged with a DWI felony. It is extremely wise to have a good local lawyer that is experienced in these types of cases and not just any attorney that you find in the phone book. A conviction of this type can stay with you for many years and can be a very expensive affair.


You must also contact your insurance provider to discuss what would happen if you were convicted. They may have to cancel your coverage; therefore, you should begin looking for a new insurance provider that you can afford as soon as possible if your existing policy is canceled. If you are convicted, the judge may nevertheless allow you to drive to and from work. This is why you need to ensure that you have proper automobile insurance coverage.


If found guilty, you will definitely need a way to and from work because you will have some hefty fines to pay. This is another reason to make sure you find the cheapest insurance possible. If you are arrested and charged with a felony DWI, you should fight it firmly but be prepared to face the consequences. Start planning right away to keep your life as close to normal as you can.


At Cole Paschall Law, we offer comprehensive consultations, ensuring you have an opportunity to avoid harsh penalties for your suspected crimes or at least get away with reduced sentences. To start developing a substantial and impactful defense against the criminal charges, contact the office of Cole Paschall Law, an experienced Fort Worth DWI lawyer, at 1-817-477-4100.