Panic attacks were not a symptom of COVID-19 but rather an added layer of concern due to the ongoing stress and negativity. Because there was no way out of the negativity, panic attacks became even more severe. We've all read and heard many stories about people who became ill with the virus but recovered quickly. Others, on the other hand, became so ill that they required immediate medical attention. This is all because of the panic attacks that caused the downfall.

Panic attacks were thrown into disarray by the Covid -19 Pandemic. Because most Covid-19 symptoms were expected, such as a cold, fever, chest pain, and headache. Many of us were immediately concerned about becoming ill as a result of the virus. And this anxiety progressed into panic attacks.

During the pandemic, many people relied on ER medications such as Xanax and Yellow Xanax to get through their panic attacks. So here are some questions that may stick your mind:

  • What are these panic attacks and 
  • What is Xanax?
  • Does Xanax help?

All your questions are listed down below. 

Panic Attack vs. Xanax

Panic attack

The sudden rush of intense worry is defined as panic attacks. It includes pounding heartbeat, sweating, shallow breathing, pain in the chest, fear of choking, and fear of forthcoming death. Usually, people with panic attacks are prescribed ER medication like Xanax, which subside and release calming effects. But, first, let's see what Xanax is.


Xanax is an anti-panic attack prescription medication that aids in the treatment of panic attacks and anxiety. It is associated with the benzodiazepines drug class. It helps in fighting panic attacks associated with depression. 

Xanax produces fast-acting results as it gets absorbed into the bloodstream. And as it reaches the brain nerve, it releases a rapid eliciting feeling of calm and relaxation.

Side effects involved 

  • Slurred speech confusion
  • Memory impairment
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness and lightheadedness
  • Lack of coordination or unsteadiness

Does Xanax help to treat panic attacks?

Yes, Xanax can help with panic attacks by influencing the GABA receptors in the brain. By reducing agitation and slowing the Central Nervous System, Xanax produces tranquilizers and relaxing effects (CNS). Xanax's action reduces the severity of panic attacks and anxiety.

By slowing down brain activity, Xanax alleviates panic, anxiety, and terror. It may also cause sleepiness, relaxation, and calmness in the user.

Note: It is recommended that you obtain a prescription from a doctor before purchasing Xanax online.

Where to buy Xanax from?

You can buy Xanax from an online or nearby store, but remember to buy it from an Authorised pharmacy only. And it's necessary to take precautions and prevention due to the heavy scam rate and unethical selling of drugs.

How to buy Xanax?

It's pretty easy to buy Xanax online or any other medication. All you need is a mobile/desktop/laptop and a good internet connection. That's it. You can now buy Xanax online from any certified store.