Ever since the time of the Royals or for the time we could trace back to history, the saree has remained to be a predominant part of our culture. And however much we evolve,  our love for saree has remained consistent throughout. Saree is no longer an ensemble limited to women in their mid-thirties and thereafter. In fact, the craze for saree could be seen increasingly enhanced amongst the young women cohort, owe it to the versatility of sarees. The cultural art sarees still hold a dominant place in Indian wardrobe, yet, there is something enchanting and unparalleled about the modern blend sarees that are both trendy and chic. Speaking of which, can you boast of an art silk saree in your wardrobe? 

Art Silk sarees have gained prominence in the textile segment over the years. This synthetic fiber saree is nothing but the result of regenerated cellulose. They make quite an impression and here’s why you should have a few or at least one art silk saree in your wardrobe. 

1. They are super comfortable all year round. 

Art silk sarees are extremely airy and super light when wrapped around you. They are really comfortable and unlike pure silk sarees, they won’t stick to your skin in humid or hot temperatures. The flowy and easy-breezy nature of art silk sarees makes them suitable for everything; from formal office meetings to casual brunch to cocktail parties. 

The lightweight texture of the art silk sarees allows you to be in your comfort element Every time. 

2. They enhance every body type.

The soft texture of the art silk fabric makes for a perfect drape. They fall naturally to the contours of your curves giving you an enhanced appeal. Whether your appeal of the style is decent or glam; an art silk saree can mold itself into your style kind with utmost ease. 

3. They are always in trend.

Unlike pure silk sarees, art silk sarees don’t take years to be manufactured. They are manufactured over looms in factories and most of the designs are curated taking the trend of current times into consideration. The highly versatile colors, prints, and patterns of the art silk saree make them trendy yet timeless at the same time. 

4. They are cost-effective. 

Unlike pure silk sarees, art silk sarees are available at cheap and affordable rates. Of course, it’s not an alternative to pure silk sarees. But it just makes for a fitting addition to your trendy wardrobes. You don’t need to splurge large while making a purchase of a gorgeous art silk saree. They are available in ample choices out there in the market. 

Summing up, an art silk saree is non-negotiable for your wardrobe. You need to have these versatile garment pieces with you to make an appeal of style every time. At MR Saree Emporium we have leading saree and textile brands associated with us. You get to choose from thousands if not more; art silk sarees with us. Head to our website and buy yourself a saree that suits your style palette. If not, head to our offline store and allow us to showcase to you the largest display of art silk sarees available with us.