The demand for t-shirt printing has increased dramatically over the years as t-shirts might be one of the most popular pieces of clothing in the world. Regardless of culture and region, you can see people wear t-shirts everywhere. From the fashionista to everyday people, from the elderly to the young, they all have t-shirts in their outfit collections.


A lot of inexperienced customers who try t-shirt printing for the first time usually are mortified by the results. This disaster of a shirt isn't because they used a terrible printer either, yet due to little mistakes made in the planning process from a lack of knowledge. At PSI Screen Printing, their expert team can help you through the whole process to ensure you receive your dream t-shirts. However, it’s good to educate yourself on the art of t-shirt printing, so here is a list of mistakes to avoid when t-shirt printing:


Be mindful of darker coloured t-shirts

Screen printing on dark-coloured t-shirts is extremely difficult and requires extra processes to the result you want. Therefore, you need to be super mindful of the imagery you choose for a darker shirt, as the image will require a base layer of ink to be applied.

This is a super crucial point to note if you are wanting a transparent background or a white frame around your t-shirt design. If your shirt design has a white background around it or if it hasn't been correctly deleted, the printer will print the design with a big white frame on the shirt. This is a very common mistake made by customers when t-shirt printing and can be avoided by saving your image as a PNG file as this file supports transparent backgrounds.


Poor quality images

One of the most common mistakes ever made with t-shirt printing is not having the right image resolution. This mistake leaves many customers feeling extremely unsatisfied and disheartened when the shirts are developed, as they are very blurry! This is due to the quality of the file that the image is sent in, which will be the quality that it is printed in. An amazing tip to avoid this problem is to have all your images in a resolution of 300 pixels per inch, which will eliminate any unexpected blurs.


Complex designs

As much as a cool complex graphic looks amazing on paper, on a t-shirt it can be too much. Trying to add truckloads of different colours, texts, or graphics to a shirt is a recipe for disaster! In addition to the shirt looking unaesthetic, people aren't able to take away your t-shirts message or purpose, making the whole process meaningless. To avoid this issue, it's important to keep your design sweet and simple. By only including the most relevant information and carefully choosing your colour pallet, you are able to get your message across without people being left in confusion.

T-shirt printing is no easy task, especially when you're new to the industry. By avoiding these common mistakes, you are ensured to get the t-shirt of your dreams. Head down to PSI Screen Printing for all your t-shirt printing questions and inquires.