Skin is one among the sensitive organs of our body. It needs to be taken care of properly to avoid any kind of damage or mishap. Hence it is necessary to take good care of it by incorporating a routine. There are many skin care products available all around that can be helpful in taking good care of your skin. But other skincare products can cause damage to your skin in many possible ways.

If proper care is not given to the skin, it can lead to skin conditions like uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, acne, or skin disease. Always keep in mind to use the skincare products that suit your skin and do not provide any further harm to it. But you might wonder how to choose the appropriate skincare products for yourself. Well, we can guide you and help you in understanding the anatomy of skincare products better. Let us dive right in and understand more about skincare products and their usage.

One should always clean their face with a mild cleanser or face wash that is not loaded with chemicals and parabens. Chemicals do more harm to the skin and no good. It removes all the natural oil, leading to more oil excretion by our skin pores, thus making our skin look and feel oily. Use face wash when you feel the need for it, especially when you come home. Make it a part of the skincare products routine. Clean face can help avoid comedones and acne.

After cleaning your face thoroughly, the next step in skincare products is toner. Toners are not compulsory, but they help tighten the skin pores and give a glow on the skin's surface. They help clean any residue of dirt or soap that would have been left on the skin even after cleansing the face.

After using toners, moisturizing the skin is essential. This is the third step in the skincare products beauty routine and one of the most important. Choose a moisturizer as per your skin condition. Like, people with dry skin can use cream-based moisturizer, but people who have oily or combination skin should go for a gel-based moisturizer, as this does not make their skin look and feel oilier.

Now, let's talk about the most ignored yet the most important part of the skincare products. These are sunscreens. Sunscreens are one of the essential type from the list of skincare products, yet people choose to ignore them. Sunscreens, whether physical, chemical or even sunscreen aqua gel, need to be used daily. Whether it is a rainy day, cloudy day, or winter, sunscreen is mandatory 365 days, and at any place, you go. You need to protect your skin from any UV damage. Always use at least SPF 30 sunscreen, a non-comedogenic one. There are sunscreens available for different types of skin, like sweatproof sunscreen for oily skin. Sunscreens should be applied as the last step on your face after you are done with using skincare products and makeup products.

Hence, taking good care of the skin is important to keep it away from aging for a long time. Use skincare products that are free from chemicals and safe to use. Always consult your dermatologist regarding the skincare products that are suitable for your skin. They are the known experts about the skin and will suggest to you what is the best.