Every person starts from Ground Zero. Talking about investment, there are a lot of people who have to share stories about the mistakes they made during their initial days of investing and how they got to learn from it. Thanks to advertisements, social media, and better connectivity in today's world, we are better aware of investment tactics and the common follies to avoid while making the first investment. It may happen sometimes or the other that you are nonchalantly speaking about your stock market investment or mutual fund investment, and you get to know a better strategy or things that you have been doing wrong from a better-experienced person. So it's all about experience and knowledge sharing.

In this article, you shall be briefed about some common mistakes that investors usually make while understanding and delving into the concept of investment in mutual funds or the stock market. Since these mistakes will cost you a bunch of money and restrain you from reaching your full investor potential, it is important that they must be rectified immediately. Here are some key investment mistakes people commit and the risks that you must be aware of to fetch greater results.


  1. Purchasing the scheme and forgetting: Nowadays everything is very dynamic and is changing rapidly. The investment market is not aloof since global trends are affecting it as well. So now, it becomes more important to keep the money strategy aligned with the changing landscapes. Overall money plan and investment strategy must henceforth be consistent with what is going on in the investment market, what you want, and what is happening with your invested money. Since these aspects are always changing, the idea of purchasing and forgetting the investment strategy becomes a myth. You must take enough time to research what's happening in the world and keep your investment plan updated with changing scenarios.
  2. Lack of patience: Needless to say, the investment market is highly prone to risks and unforeseeable circumstances over and above it. If you lack patience and undergo investments hastily, it will act to your detriment. A slow and steady approach to your portfolio growth will fetch you greater returns in the long run. Keep your expectations with the portfolio realistic and be patient.
  3. Doubling down: Doubling down is a common problem in investors who might make bad choices from time to time. It is a very basic fact of stock market life, and it's completely normal. However, a common mistake that a lot of investors make here is to make bad investment words by sinking more money into it. If you analyze wrongly and stock is going down instead of up, it implies a mistake on your part. So instead of doubling down, investing more money and hoping to recoup the same by a stock reverse could be a foolish decision. Although doubling down can't work once in a while, do not use it too much as an investment strategy.

SIP in mutual funds saves you from these common mistakes. It is a safe and reliable method of investment and does not delve too much into technicalities.