Indian curries come with a large amount of spices - both whole and ground - that are usually combined into elaborate spice mixes, which make them intimidating to people. A wide variety of Indian curry spices are popular in most Indian food, spanning several centuries of culinary traditions spanning multiple parts of the subcontinent. As an Australian company, Curry Traders provides a wide range of different curries from around Asia and it is also possible to purchase various set of Indian Curry spices online by company’s website.

Beautiful cooking requires the blending of traditional spices almost spiritually. Indian food can certainly help you come up with new recipes. The following Indian curry spices are commonly used in curry.


Turmeric is essential to Indian cuisine. Turmeric is an earthy ground spice that enhances the taste of curries. This spice has a seemingly endless list of health benefits, along with a particularly eye-catching yellow color. It takes only a teaspoon to flavor and color a family-size dish.


The flavor of cumin seed is somewhat similar to that of caraway or dill, and it is a staple of Indian cooking and curries. Cumin seeds are best-used whole and fried in oil before adding to a dish.

Green Cardamom

The flavor of green cardamom is indescribable. There is a compound called cineole in the herb that gives it a similar taste to eucalyptus. When cooking Indian food, it tastes best fried in hot oil. Cardamom pods are usually found between two and six per recipe in Indian cooking.


This seed of cilantro, which comes from the herb cilantro, is one of the essential spices. The aroma of this seed is similar to that of citrus mixed with leafy, woody notes. It is most popular Indian curry spices. The best way to use coriander seeds is to grind them into powder before adding them to a sauce.


A nutritious and versatile addition to just about any dish, cilantro's leaves add a delicate touch of flavor to rich, intensely flavored dals and heartier meat dishes.

Garam Masala

Garam masala is most famous Indian curry spices. Many dried spices are in this mixture, including tej patta, cinnamon, ginger, cumin, nutmeg, coriander, and nutmeg.

Black Cardamom

We consider black cardamom seeds to be one of the essential Indian curry spices on our list since they have the same eucalyptus scent as green ones. They are blackened and smoky in flavor, as they are dried over a fire before being eaten. Black cardamom has a unique fragrance that cannot be duplicated. It is used in a variety of foods.


Ginger is a key ingredient in most curries and is one-half of the recipe for ginger garlic paste, used in most Indian dishes. This spice can be used dried. It may even be called for in some recipes. Ginger/garlic paste is a staple ingredient in many Indian dishes.


Fenugreek is a subtle Indian curry spice. Despite being bitter, fenugreek seeds have great health benefits. Green and aromatic, the leaves are less prone to bitterness and have a lingering maple-like aroma. Many people describe this Indian spice as having the scent of curry.

Tej Patta

Indian cuisine uses Tej Patta in much the same way that European cuisine does. Whole leaves are usually incorporated in the dish and are typically cooked the entire time before being removed just before serving. This herb has a cinnamon-like scent and flavor and it is the most popular Indian Curry spices.