A child custody schedule is an essential component of any divorce or separation involving children. There are several forms of custody that need to be addressed initially. The two forms of custody are legal & physical, and they can be split solely or jointly. Legal custody is described as a parent's right and obligation to make choices on behalf of their children.


Physical custody means the amount of time a parent spends with his or her children. A custody schedule can have many different variants since these two types of custody might be shared in two distinct ways. For sole custody, it is common to have a custody schedule where the non-custodial parent has visitation with the children.


This can be on the weekends, every other weekend, one day or night per week, or various holidays or vacations. For joint custody, common schedules for visitation may be equally dividing holidays and vacations or using a 50/50 custody schedule such as:


  • 5/2/2/5 - the children spend five days with one parent, two days with the other, then two days with the first parent, and five days with the second.


  • 3/3/4/4 - one parent has the children for three days, the children stay with the other parent for three days, and then each parent has the children for four days.


  • 4/1/2 - the children stay with one parent for four days, overnight with the other parent, and back to the first parent for two days.


  • 2/2/3 - each parent cares for the children for two days and then alternate three-day weekends.


  • Alternating weeks - parents alternate caring for the children each week.


The main reason to set up a custody schedule is to create a stable and consistent environment for the children. Some of the split schedules require a lot of changing of homes and parents and could be potentially unhealthy for children. Sometimes, a more stable schedule with longer periods with one parent is needed.


A custody schedule should be based on the children's needs and should offer them a healthy environment and consistency in living with their parents. It provides stability and sets a calendar parents can use to most effectively care for their children. Enjoy your time with your children making memories and helping them live productive and healthy lives. Using a custody schedule can help you be a great parent.


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