Skin Disease

Skin diseases are the most common form of infection found in people of all ages. Skin damage is one of the most difficult diseases to get used to because of its ugliness and its associated problems, especially when it is located in a place where it is difficult to hide like a face, even with make-up. Treating most skin infections takes a long time to show their effects. The problem becomes more serious if the disease does not respond to the treatment of the skin disorder. There are not many statistics to prove the exact frequency of skin diseases in this country, but the general impression is that 10-20% of the patients seeking medical advice suffer from Skin Diseases. Skin conditions prevail over ants in all parts of the world. Sun exposure is one of the most common causes of skin cancer and related trauma. Herbal supplements are more popular than ever. People are looking for new ways to improve their health, and they are turning to Natural Remedies instead of more and more pharmaceutical drugs. Thus, numerous studies have been conducted on the benefits of treatment and the use of various herbs and herbal extracts. Much of this research provides strong evidence that taking Herbal Supplements in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial. Therefore, many people use Natural Herbal Treatment to treat various health conditions as well as promote general well-being.  Skin diseases cause great distress, distress, incompetence, and economic loss. Also, they are a huge disability in society, because they are visible. Fortunately, due to recent advances, skin blemishes can be successfully removed through plastic planning, laser therapy, and skin grafting. This review article highlights the role and efficacy of some medicinal plants in various skin diseases.

Herbal Products for Skin Diseases


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                Actinic Keratosis                                     Sjogren’s Syndrome

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                 Tinea Versicolor                                           Lichen Planus

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               Bullous Pemphigoid                                            Cellulitis  

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                      Folliculitis                                           Granuloma Annulare                               

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                 Grover’s Disease                                               Lipoma

  Sebaceous-Cyst-Natural-Treatment-Symptoms-Causes-and-Diagnosis-Herbs-Solutions-By-Nature-500x500-1.jpg      Seborrheic-Keratosis-Natural-Treatment-Symptoms-Causes-Herbs-Solutions-By-Nature-500x500-1.jpg

                 Sebaceous Cyst                                          Seborrheic Keratosis