Congratulations in several languages ​​at once
One of the simple and unusual ways is congratulations in different languages. Choose languages ​​that you know yourself or the birthday person knows them. You can write congratulations in original and strange-sounding languages ​​- it will be funny and fun. Alternatively, come up with your own language and make a mini transcript dictionary. The birthday boy will have to translate new vocabulary to find out the meaning. Friends and loved ones will remember such birthday greetings for a long time.

What could be better than warm and sincere words on a holiday?

Make a lot of congratulations
What could be better than warm and sincere words on a holiday? How about an unlimited greeting wave? Buy a lot of small postcards or make small pieces of paper yourself and write funny or heartfelt congratulations on them - a festive mood for the whole day is guaranteed.

Make a congratulatory composition
Beautiful birthday greetings don't always have to be as complex and as creative as possible. We offer one universal, but pleasant way to please loved ones - to create a congratulatory composition of balloons and memorable photos. The easiest way to make such a surprise is to relatives or friends with whom you live. At night, while the hero of the occasion is asleep, inflate the balloons and glue pre-printed photographs to them. Choose joint photos to add sentimentality to the moment. Fortunately, on social networks, you can find a collection of the necessary photographs in a matter of minutes. In addition, you can download a large number of beautiful images for free on birthdayimg