Tickets for the Elder Scrolls Online Witch Festival are part of the Halloween event. They can provide players with special items stored by Impresario. Some of them can even be counted as larger limited edition collections.

To participate in the event, please navigate to the Holidays section of the Crown Store. Here, players can receive free ESO Gold. Complete the task called "Witchmother's Bargain" and get the Witchmother's Whistle tool. If the player has already completed this action in the previous event, there is no need to perform this action again. They can use existing items and use it to summon witches. Players can then use it to transform their character into one of the undead.

Log in to the game every day to get two event tickets. Unfortunately, this is a daily limit. Those who have played this festival in the past may remember that there are more available. This is not the case anymore. After logging in, attack and defeat the boss monster. After being destroyed, two tickets will be dropped. These are the players' quotas for the day. Log in the next day and defeat a boss monster and get the other ESO Gold For Sale.

This event is held at the same time as another event, which may explain why there are fewer tickets available. That is the "picking crow" incident. It involves collecting cursed feathers that can turn you into a boss monster in a limited time. These tickets can help purchase special items stored by Impresario. They can pack everything from Gothic household items to collective repair kits for players. More importantly, this is the first opportunity to start collecting debris for the Doorchar Plateau.