Transparent Lace Wigs and HD Lace Wigs are two different wig products. If you are not sure which wig to choose, you can take a look at today's content.

1. Get To Know About Transparent Lace Wigs
Transparent lace is a common lace which color is transparent and it is made by swiss lace the same as medium brown lace. The main and only difference between transparent lace and medium brown lace is the lace color. Different lace colors can match different skin tones. Normally transparent lace is more suitable for light-skinned people, and medium brown color is better for dark-skinned people. You need to be careful to choose the correct lace color when you are ordering common lace Brazilian human hair wigs in our store.

2. Get To Know About HD Lace Wigs
HD lace is an updated version of transparent lace, the color of HD lace is more transparent than transparent lace. HD lace is the most undetectable lace, it can match all skin colors perfectly, no matter your skin tone is dark or light.

3. How To Choose Between Transparent Lace Wigs And HD Lace Wigs?
The choices are mainly decided through the lace color and lace price two aspects.
1) Lace Color
If you are light-skinned, both HD lace wigs and transparent lace wigs on Wet Kiss Hair Review are suitable for you. As transparent color lace can match light-skinned people well, an HD closure wig can match all skin colors.
If you are dark-skinned, transparent lace wigs maybe not be a good choice for you. Medium brown lace wigs match dark-skinned people better than transparent lace wigs. On the other hand, you can safely choose HD lace wigs, as HD lace can melt into all skin colors perfectly.
2) Lace Price
Prices are always an important consideration when people are shopping. Everyone wants to buy a cheaper and qualitative product, so they will compare features and wigs costs before purchasing.
As HD lace is an ultra-thin, ultra-premium lace with seamless blending capabilities, the price of it is a little expensive than other common lace. So your choice of lace wigs should be made taking into account budgetary limitations. If you are a student or people who have a limited budget, transparent lace wigs may be better for you.

4. Popular Transparent Lace Wig You Might Interest
1) Deep Wave Lace Front Wigs
This transparent wig is one of the most popular lace wigs in West Kiss Hair. Because it has many advantages, including pre-plucked hairline, 13x4 deep parting space, natural baby hair, transparent and medium brown lace colors both available. Medium brown color lace is available for hair lengths from 8 inches to 30 inches. Transparent color lace is only for 18-30 inches, if your order is under 18 inches, please don't choose this.
2) 613 Straight Transparent Lace Front Wigs
613 blonde as a special shining and bright color, is always welcomed by most girls. 613 blonde lace wigs also can be dyed into other darker colors. The hair length of this blonde lace wig from 16 inches to 30 inches is in stock, and all the swiss lace is in transparent color.

5. Popular HD Lace Wig You Might Interest
Body Wave Wigs with HD Lace
This body wave HD lace wig has four different lace sizes for your choice: HD 5x5 closure wigs, HD 6x6 lace closure, HD 13x4 lace frontal, HD 13x6 lace frontal. The hair length can reach from 20 inches to 40 inches, people who like long hairstyle, don't miss it.

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