In recent years, water plants have indeed continuously strengthened their work on water purification and try their best to meet drinking water standards. However, due to the inadequate market supervision, there are still many loopholes, which can be seen behind the frequent media reports. In addition, tap water passing through water pipes and water towers may cause secondary pollution or even tertiary pollution in the middle of the water quality. Rust and bacterial growth are major factors that pollute water quality and endanger human health. And these problems are difficult points that the current technology of water companies cannot solve. Therefore, it is very important to choose a water purifier to protect your family's drinking water safety.
The water purifier is divided into two series: ultrafiltration water purifier and RO reverse osmosis water purifier. The ultrafiltration water purifier filter element is 0.01 micron, which can effectively filter sediment, rust, large suspended particles, bacteria, colloids, and macromolecular organic matter. The RO reverse osmosis filter element has a precision of 0.0001 micron, and the filtration precision reaches 5 parts per million of the hair. The filtered water is pure water without any impurities, which can reach the water for direct drinking, which is currently the most popular on the market. And safe water purification solutions.