The most exciting tourist attractions besides buggy adventures dubai that you will definitely want to visit when they open next year.

Expo 2021 in Dubai

Dubbed "The World's Greatest Show", Expo 2021 Dubai, which runs from October 20, 2021 to April 10, 2021, will provide guests with an incredible 173 days of experience, including 60 live daily performances, cultural events, art installations and museum exhibitions, as well as 200 restaurants, where they can taste dishes of various cuisines - from high to street. Visitors to the exhibition will see impressive architectural structures. For example, the main building of the exhibition will be Al Wasl Plaza with a 65-meter steel dome, the design of which was inspired by the Expo logo. Expo 2021's slogan “Connecting minds, creating the future” is reflected in Al Wasl Plaza, where fountains, waterfalls, parks and free spaces in the form of palm trees will be organized. The building will be able to accommodate 10,000 visitors, and will host major events such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the Expo. In addition, the main element of the dome will be a 360-degree projection screen that will be visible both inside and outside the building.

Dubai Eye Ferris Wheel

The world's tallest Dubai Eye Ferris wheel will open in time for Expo 2021 and is expected to attract thousands of tourists every year. Guests of the city will be able to climb 250 meters and see the entire city from a bird's eye view, as the Ferris wheel will be located on the new artificial island Bluewaters Island next to the Jumeirah Beach Residence and The Walk. More than 9,000 tons of steel is used to build the Eyes of Dubai, which, once completed, will overtake other similar projects, including the 167-meter High Roller in Las Vegas and the 135-meter London Eye. It is also worth noting that Bluewaters Island will house more than 200 shops and catering establishments, as well as beach complexes and hotels.

Museum of the Future

An incredible cultural center called the Museum of the Future is currently under construction on Sheikh Zayed Road, which will become a real architectural wonder. A complex dedicated to creativity and innovation, visitors can experience the future of the UAE. Here guests will be invited to visit various exhibitions, incredible theater and themed entertainment, as well as innovative workspaces that will showcase various inventions. The museum, described as “a place for the best and smartest inventors and entrepreneurs, where they will discover the conditions that stimulate their inquisitive mind to create, create and implement new ideas and prototypes of the future”, will reflect the slogan of Expo 2021 in Dubai “Connecting minds, creating the future ".

Madame Tussauds Dubai

World renowned wax museum Madame Tussauds, present in London, Sydney, New York and Beijing, will debut in the Middle East next year. At Madame Tussauds Dubai, located on Bluewaters Island, visitors can take selfies with doppelgangers of famous and wealthy people, including singers, actors and athletes, as well as politicians and royalty.

Observation deck The View on the "palm" island

Dubai is known for its incredible views of the city's landmarks from the world's tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa to the Dubai Frame, as well as its combination of old Dubai on one side of the bay and modern metropolis on the other. A new observation deck, The View, on the Palm Jumeirah Island, will soon open at Nakheel Mall on Palm Jumeirah in this Middle Eastern city. From a height of 240 meters (equivalent to a 52-storey building), guests will have a panoramic view of the artificial island and beyond.