Creating and Printing POS Barcodes is done through a POS system. The process is very simple with modern POS software. Printing POS barcodes enable cash counter operators to smoothly process items to sell with a barcode scanner. 

Barcode Scanner is one of the most important POS hardware pieces for creating an efficient point of sale system.

What is POS Barcode?

POS barcode is an identification code assigned to each item. 

Barcodes work by having a unique combination of black and white numbered lines, each with different weightings. A typical POS barcode looks like this:

A unique barcode is attached to each item in a store. 

For a grocery store, the retail POS system will generate barcodes for all the items e.g. flour, sugar, cookies etc. 

Once POS Barcode is assigned, the barcodes will be printed as stickers. These stickers will contain the unique barcode image and details of the item they relate to.

Why Is Barcoding Used With POS Software?

The main purpose of using Point Of Sale software is to make sale proceedings fast and efficient. With POS Barcodes, queues on counters are minimized as hundreds of items are processed within a couple of minutes.

The second main reason POS software are used is to keep inventory in check.

Inventory management is one of the most important aspects of managing a store. With POS Barcode, when an item is scanned for a sale, the POS software automatically records the item out of the inventory.

Whenever a user needs to see how much stock is available at the moment for an item, they can easily scan the item through the POS barcode scanner and the inventory module should display the accurate figure of how much inventory is available.