Tattooing is a process of placing beautiful designs on the human body by inserting ink into the skin by the use of tattoo supplies. It can be taken as a language in which culture is placed on the skin of the owner by ink pigments. But for tribal people, it is not only a ink pigment and not only a design or an art form it is used to show the complete emotion, beliefs, which have played important and diverse roles in society since the start of humankind tattoos basically used to relate with religion so it is placed by the tribal people. The definition of tattoos can be defined in the words that “tattooing is involved into the community and religious life, and simply, it is a cultural, religious, clan or family- mandated which is placed on the skin for all to see”.

Cultural heritage

As tattoo supplies is considered a ritual so due to this its artistic value cannot be neglected and ignored. So, it may be considered as an art form, a painting which uses the human body to look beautiful also a ritual associated with integrated societal emotions. In this way it becomes a part of the cultural heritage of a society. “The understanding of a cultural heritage includes:

  • highly values
  • intangible aspects like
  • aesthetic,
  • historical,
  • scientific
  • social values, which in turn is used to serve identity purposes by the use of tattoo supplies.

Tattoo is the process of knowledge transmission

Tattooing is not all about ink and design: basically it is a process of knowledge transmission in the form of a visual language, where culture explained and showed in a special way. A tattoo as a piece of art can be used to display the inner self of the individual, but its preservation is difficult, it is difficult to save because even an undeletable tattoo terminates with the mortal body it is attached to. But now in this modern age the tattoo supplies are popular to deal with any problems which occurs during the process of tattooing.

Tattoos are using in different countries

Moreover, tattooing has very vast history around the world: “Tattoo by inserting was mostly wonderful invention of some genius who saw a way of making a magical-religious colouring more permanent on the skin by use of tattoo supplies. Traces of this ritual can be found:

  • In the country of Greece,
  • In the country of Persia,
  • In the country of the Sudan,
  • In the country  of China,
  • In the country  of Japan,
  • as well as In the country of Polynesian Islands, “where an artistic peak was reached and

where the word “tatua,” having the meaning of artistic, and originated”


So, research could reveals that tattoo has different connotation on a different scales. Here tattoo both as a type of painting, inserting ink on the skin of human body by the use of smooth tattoo supplies which causes the tattoo to look unique and as a social ritual has been studied with a special reference. The tattoos are loved by all the society because tattoos has its own meaning.


Tattoo Supply are both using as fashion and as a religious purposes. Every one can place tattoo according to the design which they love most and shows affection towards it. There are number of advantages of placing tattoos. The history of tattooing is very board. So placing tattoo is the reason to increase confidence and to look beautiful. The basic purpose of tattooing was to place the designs by the ink to show the inner of the individual. The thing which was in the mind of the individual places on his body. Always place tattoo according to your mind and heart and according to your like to buy the other suggestions. Select that tattoo which is favourite to you.

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