We supply a range of industrial oxygen generators for industrial scale applications. Available at low cost throughout the UK, contact us for all your onsite oxygen generator requirements

We effectively and efficiently supply, install and service High Flow Onsite Industrial Oxygen Generators as well as medical grade oxygen for commercial-scale applications, and can do so for you today.

The IATT Oxygen Industrial/medical  Generatorsuse PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology to generate oxygen of a purity up to 99.5% with flow rates of from 2,80 Nm³/h up to 240 Nm³/h and more.

The pressure swing adsorption process used to produce this highly pure oxygentakes place during a two-stage cycle which involves synchronised adsorption and desorption within two generation towers.

What Is an Industrial Oxygen Generator and What Does it Do?

Industrial oxygen generators separate oxygen from compressed air using a special selective adsorptive technology, also known as PSA. There is a presence of oxygen within this compressed air of 21%, (with 79% nitrogen) which is allowed to flow through a zeolite molecular sieve. This maintains nitrogen which results in high purity oxygen at industrial and commercial gas production sites.

The PSA process detailed above is similar to that of a nitrogen generator, however the adsorptive material inside the sieve isn’t made of carbon as is the case with nitrogen, but is instead comprised of zeolite. A unique aspect of zeolite and the reason it is ideal for oxygen generators is due to its ability to discharge retained nitrogen gas when the pressure within the generator is reduced. In essence, this makes it relatively simple to regenerator the medium for a further cycle of oxygen generation with an industrial oxygen generator.

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