The company letterhead, also known as business stationery or executive letterhead, is the official paper typically used to print out letters and documents for the company. This type of paper has been used since the 15th century. It was first created by the Italians in 1530. This was the first form of the commercial printing paper that was created outside of the Italian government. Today this paper is still widely used in the business industry as well as in the private sector.

There are several reasons why the company letterhead should be designed, printed, and created by a professional company. First, it provides a sense of professionalism to your company or business. Using templates to design your company letterhead allows you to get the feel of the actual letter with the formal style that is commonly used. These templates help you create a sense of standardization that many clients and customers tend to look for. In addition to this, using templates for a formal company letterhead can also ensure that your branding statements stay in line with the company's brand name.

Best Custom Company Letterhead Designs:

Your letterhead should follow a similar design process that your company follows when creating any other marketing material such as business cards or flyers. For example, you will design the layout, the colors, and other visual elements using a blueprint. You will then go back into the main file that contains all of your company's information and copy the final file as your final work. Letterheads typically contain your company's physical address, the logo design, the product or service name, and more. Other design elements may include logos of your competitors or any other visual elements associated with your brand. All of these design elements should be included in your final work in a method that is consistent with your branding efforts.

You will need to update your company name on your letters every so often. You can do this by printing a new set of letterheads featuring your brand new design. If you are already using a logo for your brand, you can use that logo for the letterhead layout as well. You can also use the same logo for all of your correspondence.

Choosing Amazing Business Letterhead Templates:

One thing to keep in mind when choosing your business letterhead template is the fact that the colors you choose should be consistent throughout the entire document. This includes all of your contact information and all of your business-related icons, images, and text. Make sure your logo matches all of your letterheads and that all of your colors are consistent as well. Using a single color for everything can make your documents much less likely to look messy or chaotic.

Using appropriate fonts and other graphics can also help you create a more uniform and professional appearance. Many designers choose to use simple sans-serif typefaces for their company letterhead designs. These letterheads may have a basic shape, but they often have extra space between words and between images. The best types of fonts to use are Times New Roman or Arial. Using the right contrast to opposing colors will help draw the eye away from distracting, hard-to-read fonts and graphics.