Like other MMOs, there are also crafting options and various weapons and armors in New World. But New World has no choice of class or race. Over time, the character's profession is determined by their choice of weapons, fighting style, and ability values. All races are humans or human variants. This includes aggressive enemies that attack the player when the player leaves the safety of the settlement.

The Lost are those who have become crazy or die in terrible ways due to too many resurrections. These people make it difficult or impossible to resurrect. The New World Coins Buy way they pass often determines where they can be found, but no matter where the player finds them, their strengths and weaknesses are the same.

These enemies resemble ghosts in appearance and abilities. They consume life and endurance, and have elemental damage such as frost and electricity. Upgrade to treasure skills and make a Lost Coating, which can be applied to the character’s weapons to provide them with damage bonuses, as well as lost guard potions to improve the absorption of damage when fighting with the enemy.

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Drowned Lost is the first enemy the player will face after reaching Aeternum, because everyone starts on the beach as a shipwreck survivor. They are often low-level enemies designed for novice players. The character's first set of equipment and weapon choices usually depend on whatever they pick from the drowned person on their way to the nearest settlement.

Found further inland than Drowned, Withered are usually former residents of settlements that have been occupied by the lost and abandoned by any survivors. They can be farmers, miners, trappers or other settlers. They usually leave notes, letters or diary pages, which players can piece together to learn about local tragic stories.

Artisans or miners who are learning cooking skills often encounter Withered when collecting raw ore, herbs or vegetables. They are at the same level as the area in which they are located, and appear more frequently in lower-level areas, where colonists have made more active attempts to settle. By the way, NewWorldCoins is holding promotional activities, players can get more  New World Coins with less money, welcome to visit!