On-demand tutors apps have considerably transformed the learning experience. With the help of such apps, students can find tutors easily and be up to date in their subjects. The demand for tutor apps has been steadily increasing with every passing year. Are you the one who has thought of going ahead with on-demand tutor app development? Approach a suitable tech partner for developing an Uber For Tutors app. Beforehand, let us know the general features of the app in this blog.

Features Of Uber For Tutors

The features included in the Uber for Tutors will determine the functionality. However, the app has three modules: A Student App, Tutor App, and an Admin Panel. In this section, check out the important features incorporated in these modules.

Student App Features

Instant SignUp - Students need to start with the signup process by mentioning the required details when using the tutor app for the first time. However, the existing users can log into the app using login credentials.

Explore Tutors - After login or signup, the students can search for tutors available in the app based on the subject expertise and experience. 

Payment Options - The tutor will render the tutoring service once the tutor confirms their availability and accepts the requests. After that, the students can proceed with payment transactions digitally.

Ratings & Reviews - After every tutoring session, the students can leave their reviews about the tutors. This will help other students to make a decision about choosing the right tutor.

Tutor App Features

Onboarding - Similar to students, tutors have to finish the onboarding process with the necessary details. Moreover, the admin will verify the tutors’ profiles.

Instant Notification - As soon as the student raises the request, the app will send alerts to the tutors. It is up to the tutors' choice to accept or reject the requests according to their availability.

In-app Chat - In the case of any doubts or queries, the tutors can contact the students and vice versa.

Route optimization - With the help of this feature, tutors can reach the students’ location without delay.

Admin panel features

Dashboard - The admin can oversee the overall activities of the app, knowing how the students are interacting with it.

Manage Tutors - The platform owner will be able to manage the tutors as he/she is responsible for verifying the tutors’ profiles. 

Real-time chat - The admin team can communicate with the students and the tutors in case of queries.

Manage sessions - The platform owner is capable of managing the tutoring sessions scheduled in the app. 

To conclude

This informative blog has covered the most important features to be considered during on-demand tutor app development. It would be great to add other features to enhance the Uber for Tutor.