Canada has a personality that is unique and stands out from the rest. It has beautiful provinces and territories that display grandeur and sophisticated municipalities. 

1. Toronto, Ontario 

Canada’s economic epicenter is Toronto and it has an influence of Greek, Italian, Korean, and China in its population. Very interestingly, it is also known as North America’s largest Chinatown. 

The few things that are popular in Toronto are- the CN Tower skyline, Internation Flim Festival, Sports franchises like Blue Jays, etc. 

Additionally, there are great museums, shopping centers, theaters that adds vibrance to the urban lifestyle. Toronto is also just two hours away from the infamous Niagara Falls in the U.S. border. 

2. Vancouver, British Columbia 

The place where the mountains meet the ocean, as magical as it sounds. It is a place that has mesmerizing beauty of its own. Vancouver has immense natural beauty and the coast of British Columbia gives the city a relaxing aura that makes it enter the must visits in Canada. 

Another reason that it is popular among the adventurers is the reason that is also a great snow sport getaway. Seattle is not more than three hours away and it has extremely well oriented transportation that allows an efficient movement in the region. 

3. Montreal, Quebec 

Montreal is a province that is populated with a largely French-speaking population. It is home for many residents particularly in the hospitality and retail sector, English is also spoken here. 

Montreal was Canada’s economic center back in the 1970s and since it has been hosting important architectural significance of the 17th century and reflects the French revolution in the city.  

4. Victoria, British Columbia 

In the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island, there is a small city located called Victoria and it is the capital city of the British Columbia province. Victoria is a beautiful quiet harbor city that opens plethora of doors to beautiful towns, inlets, the beautiful ocean, and charming sceneries all around.  

The city was established as an important trading port in the 1840s. Victoria is more than just a port. It also has an aboriginal community, a bustling hub of economy, and a town known for mining. The architecture in this city reflects the 19th and the early 20thcentury architectural styles which is distinguish. Few examples standing still tall today are, the very famous Fairmont Empress Hotel, and the Parliament Building. 

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia 

A special city that is equipped like the bigger cities, Nova Scotia is a charm of its own. The most famous thing about this city is the maritime and also the hospitality of the local crowd. Another intriguing this about Halifax is that it outnumbers the bars in the whole of Canada than it has in its own city. 

The territory around the region consists of oceanside landscape, rugged shorelines, fishing villages, and architecture of the history. 

You can experience this beautiful city by yourself and maybe find an employment opportunity that suits your job profile the best. The province of Nova Scotia has a  Nova Scotia PNP that will allow a candidate to be an immigrant in Canada while working in their dream job too. 

6. Quebec City, Quebec 

Quebec City is arranged at the tightest place of the St. Lawrence River and has been granted status as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, because of the memorable Old Town part of the city. 

A significant part of the Old Town sits high over the water, covered by the popular Chateau Frontenac, and the region has cobblestone walkways, very much saved seventeenth century engineering, and a flourishing bistro culture. The part is home to the main North American fort dividers that actually exist north of Mexico. 

Quebec is a happy city and sensible in size, particularly, for those that stick to investigating the Old Town, however there is something else to see. The great proceeds with all year with occasions like Winter Carnival, Summer Festival, and New France Festival drawing the two local people and vacationers. 

French is as yet the pervasive language spoken in Quebec. 

7. Calgary, Alberta  

The Old West soul is perfectly high spirited in Calgary, where Texas-style caps and the line moving are consistently in design. The Calgary Stampede celebration set this Alberta city up for life, however, the city's job as the primary Canadian host of the Winter Olympics in 1988 has set its place as one of Canada's top objections. 

Calgary is Alberta's greatest city and has all the accommodation choices like lodgings, eateries, and different comforts that go with a flush metropolitan place and has delighted in extraordinary flourishing since the 1990s. Calgary's nearness to Banff, the Rocky Mountains, ice fields, and other normal sensations are likewise a major attraction to the area. 

Many immigrants settle in the province of Alberta with a Canadian PR status where they work and live a happy life. Provincial Nominee Program of Albertachooses skilled professional that are potential to lead a beneficial life in Alberta and enhance the economy of the province. 

8. Ottawa, Ontario 

However, Toronto and Montreal are better known, Ottawa is Canada's capital city. Quite a bit of Ottawa's charm is on the grounds that it is an insightfully planned and person-on-foot cordial city. 

The numerous memorable structures, most conspicuously the Parliament Building and the Chateau Laurier, are affectionately saved. One of the most popular milestones in Ottawa is the Rideau Canal, which slices through the city and in under frosty temperatures transforms into the world's greatest skating arena.