Henna painting or henna tattoo

 In ancient time Arabic style tattoos called henna painting is very popular and looks beautiful. In safari desserts like other things henna painting is also very popular. Henna painting is only remains on hands for few days as it is not permanent. In safari deserts where the atmosphere is hot and dry henna painting gives cooling effects to the people of Sahara desert. Henna painting is most famous in safari desert.  Desert safari Dubai arrange multicolor events. We arrange dance, music, mehndi and a lot of fun for the tourists when you having a tour in safari deserts. Taste full dishes are available for you. Safari desert henna painting artists make all designs of your choice at that night. The aroma of Arabic henna is refreshing and pleasant.

Henna painting design in Dubai desert

Over 5000 years ago in Arab henna is practiced.  In safari desert this is common among people because henna has a natural cooling property and also protect you from the scorching heat of sun and dry weather.  Henna painting is a good replacement of permanent tattoos and it adds in women beauty.

Henna paintings are done by women’s on their special events like weddings, parties, bridal shower and other events. Besides this it is very suitable for hair and skin for the people living in safari desert.

This is the specialized art that tourists look for always. Henna paintings have cultural and traditional values. We provide you with all services that make your trip more pleasant and amazing.

Dune Bashing

We always work to provide you with best henna painting at dune bashing. And we understand that it is your right and our duty to have your celebrations complete in every way. So we provide you this most wanted service, MEHNDI DESIGN OR MEHANDI DESIGNS in our safari deserts.

BBQ in desert safari

Desert safari is a wonderful experience that will give you every opportunity to enjoy your trip with full potential and happiness. This adventure have been made more interesting with a range of activities like shisha, smoking, belly dance, fire show and BBQ in safari desert.

About the activity

  • The working hours are from 3:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
  • Free unlimited tea and coffee available in camps.
  • Separate facilities for men and women are available in camps.
  • Sand dunes, fresh juice shop, private shisha at the table, special bbq are available on extra charges.
  • Drive towards Sharjah and Sahara deserts.


Dubai desert safari with BBQ dinner overview

Timing                             02:30 pm to 09:00 pm

Batch size                       30 to 35 passengers

Pick up and drop locations

Provides pick up and drop services. Pick you up from your hotel and drop you to your destination.

Dubai desert safari with BBQ dinner highlights

  • You will have many activities of fun in desert safari in Dubai. All activities are full of adventures.
  • You can capture the sun set views at the red dune bashing and takes photographs in traditional costumes and dresses.
  • You feel relaxed by enjoying belly dance, taunorra dance and BBQ in safari desert in Dubai.
  • Get your trip forward in a convenient and comfortable vehicle.


  • Pick and drop services
  • Sand boarding
  • Desert dune bashing
  • Belly dance
  • Tannoura and fire show
  • camel ride
  • Unlimited soft drinks, water, tea and coffee
  • Photography in Arabic dresses
  • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ
  • Sunset photographs
  • Separate restrooms for male and females


Shisha is now not available after the corona virus situations.

Vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ

In safari desert after 3 pm to onward bbq is available for the tourists. The bbq is both type vegetarian and non – vegetarian. This is a very good option for the tourists. Those who are vegetarians can easily their vegetarian bbq night and remember the unforgettable taste of this bbq. The non vegetarians tourists enjoy their non vegetarian BBQ and it is so delicious that they never forget the taste of their Safari BBQ.

Important information

  • Child below age 2 are not allowed.
  • People of age above 70 are not allowed.
  • Henna painting is available at the camp but with additional charges not included in your packages.
  • Camel rides is also available for you in safari desert Dubai.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed.
  • No alcohol and belly dance will be included during safari.