As your hardwood floor ages, it can become dull and more susceptible to scratches. The good news about hardwood flooring is that you can get it back to its original blistering state again by refinishing the hardwood floor. Refinishing hardwood floors in Phoenix may require the services of a hardwood floor refinishing floor expert.

Your hardwood floor can take an average of ten to twelve refinishing or sanding jobs in its lifetime. Care must avoid mistakes for those seeking to carry out DIY hardwood floor refinishing. Handling a drum sandy is challenging, and lingering in a particular spot for long can carve a divot on your hardwood floor.

A professional can carry out a perfect refinishing service. If you need professional hardwood floor refinishing in Phoenix, then you have come to the right place. We offer outstanding hardwood floor refinishing in Phoenix.

Hardwood floor refinishing levels

The levels of refinishing hardwoods may be categorized into two, and they include:

  • Buffing

Buffing is a hardwood refinishing process that s carried out when wear or scratches occur only on the surface finish. The wood underneath the surface is still in good condition, which means you only have to focus on restoring the topcoat by screening or buffing. Buffing involves using several screen grits to help restore the hardwood’s floor luster.

Buffing refinishing can be carried out using polyurethane or a low VOC water-based finish. It is not advisable to buff hardwood floors that have been cleaned or waxed using an oil-based soap. Residues must first be removed; otherwise, the finish may be blotchy. A wax remover or mineral spirits are essential for removing old wax before finishing.

  • Sanding and refinishing

Hardwood floors sanding and refinishing completely transform damaged or old flooring. You can also change your hardwood flooring color. A drum sander and several grit progressions are needed. Preventing Gouging of the flooring is necessary during the sanding process, and this can be carried out by keeping the sander moving.

Refinishing hardwood floors is a noisy and dusty process requiring a respirator, goggles, ear protection, or mask.

Call in the professionals.

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