I have had some people ask me about the FBI and why it is helping with the missing person case. I am going to tell you more about what they do as part of my job. Before we talk about when the FBI gets involved in a missing person case, you need to know what that means. It can be when someone isn't found after an accident or kidnapping, but it's also when someone is killed.

People can run away if they want to your loved missing person visit lauth missing persons. They can start a new life without telling their family and friends where they are going. But if there is evidence that the person's disappearance was something bad, like murder or kidnapping, then the police will investigate it.

The victim's last location was on federal property. The victim might have been in a park or Indian reservation. They might have been on a ship that was in international waters. If this is true, the victim is probably someone who is important, like the president of our country or some other official elected to office who has an important job with the government.

When you open a case, it can use the full resources of the FBI. This includes having a federal prosecutor assigned, as well as using the subpoena power of a federal grand jury and distributing FBI wanted and missing person flyers. The reward money is also very good.

The police asked the FBI to help them find Gabby Petito. She was last seen at Grand Teton National Park and Bridger-Teton National Forest in Wyoming. Her body was found on park property, so the FBI has primary jurisdiction over her murder case because it happened on federal property.

People request help from the FBI when they are investigating a missing person. The local police have to be sure that the person is not just lost but really gone. The resources that the FBI uses are based on what is needed in every situation. This could be manpower for searches and interviews or crime scene investigation and evidence analysis.

The FBI helps people when they don't know where they are.  The FBI gives help when someone is missing, and the police ask for it.  The length of time depends on when someone is missing, what happened to them, and if the local police can find them.
The FBI can help you. They have offices all over the country and people who work for them. They will tell other people what happened and ask questions to find out more about what happened.

The FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) helps law enforcement to understand how criminals act. They study crimes and assess the facts. They look at both the criminal's behavior and what happened during the crime.

The BAUs help finds information on criminals. They tell you how to interview people. They do some other things too, but I don't know what they are.

The Violent Criminal Apprehension Program is a DNA database for missing persons. The FBI needs your help with this. They want to find out what happened to people who are missing or are unidentified. This web-based tool is available for police departments to use so they can talk about similar cases or crimes that have happened in other places (even if they didn't know).

A computer system with information on missing people. If someone is missing, the police can put their name in this. The FBI's NCIC is a nationwide computerized information system containing millions of records for missing persons and unidentified persons stolen property, wanted persons, records.

Offline searches in NCIC are available to obtain information not available through an online inquiry. Local law enforcement agencies may enter information pertaining to certain categories of missing persons, including missing children, into the NCIC missing person file.

The FBI's ERT helps to find evidence. They help with scenes and complicated cases. They also collect evidence and teach courses. There are special teams for underwater searches and human scent searches using specially trained canines.

There are people who help find out what happens when you have a missing person. Their names are CART examiners. They work with law enforcement agencies to find out what happens when someone is missing. If they think that there is digital forensics needed, then they can send your case to the FBI Regional Computer Forensic Labs (RCFL) and ask for help from their computer forensic examiners and the most advanced equipment available.