As one of the leading  manufacturers of advanced engineered fireplace technology in Europe. A  modern wood fireplace can add warmth and a classical touch to any home.  Every fireplace from Chazelles is created from a modern fireplace design  which comprises of a wood-burning heater that can be combined with a  hot air duct system. This can be done for hot air to be dispersed to  every room and is easy to maintain when needed to heat your home and  entertain guests. Chazelles is ranked as the number one French  manufacturer of  Wood burning fireplaces. The factory utilizes the latest technically advanced equipment. The  quality of materials and Chazelles processes ensure that every fireplace  manufactured is of the highest standard providing years of use and  enjoyment for every customer throughout the world. 
We have an extensive range of advanced engineered technology to create wood burning fireplaces Sydney for architects and owners of new or existing homes. Our fireplaces will suit many interior styles including modern, country and classic. Our Radiant Collection of wood burning fireplaces feature a heavy-duty cast iron firebox. Our Design Collection of wood burning fireplaces are made from double skin 1.5 mm steel and firebricks. Firebox options include single sided, double sided, triple sided and corner units. Choose from a range of design features including: our exclusive Dual Opening Door System, removable handles, optional hot air ducting system, and a range of trim colours. Choose from a range of design features for your indoor wood fireplace Sydney. Our specialized design features include but are not limited to our exclusive Dual Opening Door System, removable handles and a range of trim colours.
Distributed in more than 38 countries, we are one of Europe’s most  popular for high tech fireplaces for residential and commercial  applications. In Australia, we have been operating for 15 years and have  built up a network of distributors and showrooms in every state and  still and the best fireplaces supplier Sydney.  Our extensive history of research, design and development of wood and  gas fireplaces has resulted in key product differential qualities that  position us ahead of our competitors. Features such as the Chazelles  Dual Opening Door System have proven popular with architects, interior  designers, and homeowners.