Although Lost Ark is ruled by the DPS profession, having the role of Support classes in the player's team is essential for smoother progress. The harm of Support classes is not high, but it usually brings crowd control and therapeutic effects. Bard is the epitome of the Support class in Lost Ark. It can heal allies, boost them, and exert crow control on enemies.

However, Bard performed poorly in damage output and relied on his teammates to cause damage. Gunlancer is good at being a front line that can absorb a lot of damage. Its high defense and resistance improve the Gold Lost Ark survivability of any team. In other words, Gunlancer is not a versatile profession and lacks other attributes besides high defense.

But Gunlancer is easy to use, so players of new games will find it more successful. As one of the best Support classes in the game, Paladin has done all this. It can not only build allies with crowd control skills, but also heal them. In addition, it has considerable damage, which can come in handy in the case of a clutch. By the way, MMOWTS is holding promotional activities, welcome to visit!

Most of the classes in the game do not have the healing abilities that automatically make Paladins worth playing. Unlike other MMORPGs, Lost Ark does not really classify tanks, DPS, or healers. Therefore, you can play any class according to the player's preference. In addition, Bard and Paladin are the only real Support classes in the game.

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