Valuable professional content, original, up-to-date, shareable, and professional


Your content is the most important aspect of on-page SEO. Your content won't be read if it's not interesting. It is important to write VUUSP content. Because your content must always be valuable to your target audience, the 'V' sign stands for valuable. The first "U" stands for unique. You should ensure that your content is original, unique, and has something to offer that's not duplicated by others. The second 'U" stands for update. is because you need to ensure that your content is current and accurate. The 'S" stands for shareable. This allows you to share your content across the internet. The 'P" stands for professional. Every article should be written professionally and with care. You shouldn't publish anything that you don't support. These conditions are met and your content is ready to be shared with the world.


The page title and meta description


Next, you need to add your 'Page Title' and a 'Meta Description'. These elements together are the representation of your website in Google. These elements are the last step before people visit your site. The most important function of the elements is to get searchers to click your link.

Searchers will view your website in the same way as you see it in this picture. That's all you need to do. You don't need to use fancy typography or pictures to convince searchers to visit your site. You can read our previous article to learn more about writing a compelling meta description.


100% SEO-friendly Content


Optimizing and structuring your content is the third aspect of on-page SEO. Here is whereTextmetrics can help. Keywords are key to optimizing your page. Keywords are words that best describe your content's topic in the shortest, most relevant way. This keyword should be placed in several strategic places on your webpage, such as:

  • Once in the page title
  • Once in your meta description
  • Once in your "H1-tag" (the most important headline of your page).
  • Once you have entered your website URL
  • etc.

You're not only placing keywords in the right places but you are also structuring your content. The structure is an important aspect of SEO. It makes your content more readable and easier to scan. scannable should also be listed in the VUUSP content conditions. It is important to be able to understand the contents of an article in just a few seconds while reading it.


Design and links that are SEO-friendly


Last but not the least, you should make your website design clear and as easy to use as possible. All content and images must be accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and other devices. This can have a huge impact on your on-page SEO. It's something you should not forget in the mobile world.

Your pages must link back to and forward from a category, subcategory, and homepage. Your website will be more accessible if your pages are connected. It could be compared to a book. The book is your website, and the pages are the chapters. A reader should be able, after reading a chapter, to return to the other chapters and move on. So, he/she is more likely to continue reading the book or your website.

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