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Things like that, but because it is processed through a machine, which I may show you on the screen so that you can see what the machine looks like, it requires almost no chemicals. A loose way body wave deep wave is achieved by using the steam treatment function of the machine. I'm not claiming that it will take days, months, or even years to achieve this goal, but it could take a long time to get there.

In addition, all of the other waves are included. Regarding their Vietnamese straight people, they do have patterns, but they are simply the original cut from the donor in terms of appearance.

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In a big way, you've been double drawn. In fact, when you squeeze a bundle, you'll notice that it's extremely thick, which is due to the fact that it was single drawn. Then it will be really thin and very thin at the end of the bundle, so that's the single drawn single drawn wholesale hair factory in China, and now it's double drawn hair, which is a little bit more expensive than the single drawn hair, so that's the single drawn single drawn headband wig, and that's the double drawn double drawn hair, and that's the single drawn single drawn hair, and that's the single drawn single drawn hair, and that's the single drawn single drawn hair, and that's the single drawnThe drawn ones are more expensive than the singles that are placed in between them.

Outstandingly well-executedWith 60 long strands, this is significantly thicker from the top of the bundle to the middle of the bundle, then it becomes slightly thinner at the bottom of the bundle. But because there are significantly longer strands in that bundle, the bundle is extremely thick from top to bottom, with the end being significantly thinner than the rest of the bundle. Last but not least, there is the final one, which is incredibly detailed.

This is the most expensive bundle because the cuticles of this hair store near me are almost perfectly aligned, making it the most expensive bundle available. Alternatively, if it is extremely thick from the roots, you can give it a quick nudge.