Although it is difficult to choose a secondary weapon that can be carried by players who use Great Axe, it does not mean that there is no choice. The War Hammer is the perfect complement to it. Both weapons are proportional to power and can cause additional damage to the player.

However, the most pleasing thing is that these two weapons have stun and locking skills, which are very obvious in the effect of disarming opponents. At the same time, let them stay in place, allowing you to inflict more damage on them when you swing.  In addition, you can knock them down and interrupt them by applying a stun effect. This perfect combination of skills gives players New World Coins who use the Great Axe and War Hammer an unimaginable combat power.

But this combination has a very big drawback, no matter your casting effect or animation is very slow. Although the Great Axe is considered by most players to be very slow, in fact it Cheap New World Coins still has a fast enough burst speed to catch enemies who underestimate it, especially those PvP beginners, who are often caught by the Great Axe. Overwhelmed by the speed.

However, after removing the burst speed, the Great Axe is still very slow compared to other melee weapons. And the biggest source of the problem comes from its heavy blow and execution ability. Lengthy animations and spell-casting skills can make those fast-moving creatures and PvP opponents dance around the Great Axe players.

Therefore, it is not enough to rely on the Great Axe's DPS potential, lock-in strength, or pursuit ability in the game. At the same time, it also needs to provide it with faster attack and spell casting speed. Therefore, buying these equipment with a large amount of New World Coins will change. Particularly important. When you find that you don’t have enough New World Coins in this process, please remember that NewWorldCoins will always be your largest supplier of New World Coins. You can buy the New World Coins you need there anytime.