Hawaii is an enduringly popular vacation destination because the weather is ideal, and there's so much to do. But a surprising number of frequent visitors have yet to take an ocean adventure, which is one of the exciting boat tours North Shore visitors can try. Adventure refers to what you can see and do while out on the water – see sharks, whales, dolphins, or ride big waves. They run on advanced watercraft that are rigid inflatable boats with a fast, smooth, comfortable ride. There's no comparison with old-fashioned wood tour boats that move slowly and bob up and down in the water, making people seasick.

Families with older children and teens who are easily bored (or skeptical) can't stop raving about the fun of adventure boat tours on Oahu. They're an excellent group activity and hold everyone's attention because there's so much to see and do, and it's all fast-moving. One of the exciting things about a boat tour is how many landmarks you can see more clearly from out on the water. It's a revelation to many who have gone sightseeing on tour buses thinking it was the best way. The views of mountain peaks and other points of interest are unobstructed from a boat one to three miles off the shoreline. 

Because of its popularity, Oahu is legendary for traffic during the peak season winter months. Once you're on a boat, traffic is no longer an issue, and it's such a relief. Everyone wants to have fun on vacation, and no one likes the idea of needing to be patient and put up with frustrations. If you're leading a group on a Hawaiian getaway, you'll be delighted by the satisfied smiles on people's faces while touring by adventure boat. It revolutionizes the idea of sightseeing and is an ideal way to see marine life and the gorgeous beaches and sea cliffs along the shoreline. Don't forget to bring a camera.

If you've never gone whale watching and are in Oahu between December and April, the humpbacks are ready to put on a show. They migrate annually to the temperate Hawaiian waters to birth their young and spend the winter. If you've never seen whales up close in their natural habitat, it's something you don't want to miss. The same goes for sharks and dolphins, which you can see in different areas. Cage diving for shark watching continues to be popular but doing it by boat takes you to the same places while you stay dry and comfortable. Go out in the early evening to see gorgeous sunsets.