Hotmail is the world's oldest and first web-based mailing platform which is currently acquired by Microsoft Inc and relaunched as Outlook. Old users can access their Hotmail account through Along with email exchange services, Hotmail users can use preloaded tools of Outlook to manage their events, appointments, reminders, and contact book. Hotmail also compatibly works with a few popular third-party email applications. But, sometimes user may witness errors when he/she tries to set up Hotmail with a third-party email client. The below-listed solution will surely help you in dealing with such unpleasant issues. You can also use Contact Hotmail NZ to communicate with our experts and seek assistance.
Following are some solutions for Hotmail account setup errors:

  1. Check your internet connection, sometimes Hotmail account setup fails even if your internet is running slow.
  2. Ensure that you've entered incoming and outgoing server details correctly, if not re-check the details and make changes then check whether you're able to set up your Hotmail account.
  3. You can set up your Hotmail account only if you've enabled POP and IMAP features on your Hotmail portal. Access your Hotmail account through and enable POP and IMAP features then try setting up with third-party email apps.
  4. Hotmail account works only if your third-party email application is updated to its latest version. Check and update your email app then try to set up your Hotmail account.
  5. Security applications installed in your device also sometimes restrict you from setting up your Hotmail account for some security reasons. We request you to disable all the security applications running on your device then try to add your Hotmail account.

If these solutions didn’t fix you’re your trouble, then Contact Hotmail Number NZ to get further support. You can message us through Hotmail support chat features or post your queries on official forums and get solutions from community experts. Get round-the-clock support from the official helpdesk by contacting through any Hotmail support medium. 

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