Invisalign has become one of the most popular treatments in the modern day. For people living in Sydney, Invisalign has become a great way to achieve beautiful smiles and optimal dental health. This technique uses aligners made of transparent plastic (read more) that provide both practicality and aesthetics. In addition, because these clear aligners blend with the colour of your teeth, it’s easy to give a ready smile compared to using traditional braces.

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To add, Invisalign works better than its traditional counterparts and helps you achieve results faster. In addition, they can be easily cleaned, and you don’t have to worry about avoiding any food, as Invisalign isn’t susceptible to acidic or basic foods. Sounds good? Read on to find if your dental condition is covered under what Invisalign helps fix.

1. Crooked Teeth : Maybe the most common issue to have Invisalign is crooked teeth. Along with the fact that almost 40% of the adult population have bad tooth brushing habits, those who don’t have enough knowledge about crooked pearly whites and cannot address them early stand to be the most alarming pair of dental statistics in the country. Luckily, Invisalign can be a big help for crooked, requiring users to have excellent oral habits.

2. Overbite : Overbite happens when the upper front of the teeth overlaps the underside because the former is bigger than the latter. If left untreated, the lower ones can be worn and develop gum problems in the long run. It can also cause jaw problems that can be very painful.

3. Underbite : The exact opposite of overbite, underbite can also cause the front ones to be worn as time goes by. Not only that, but underbites can hinder your speaking abilities, as well as get in the way of properly chewing your food.

4. Crossbite : Crossbite happens when a little of your upper front row rests just behind the lower ones, which can alter your physical appearance and make for an awkward smile. This condition can easily cause trauma while your pearly whites are still temporary, and various other conditions.

5. Open Bite : When you close your mouth and your upper and lower teeth don’t meet in the middle, then this condition is dubbed as the open bite. Possible causes of this condition can be the overuse of childhood pacifiers or placing objects in between your mouth, such as pens.

6. Teeth With Gaps : Having gaps in between your teeth can be devastating appearance-wise, but it also risks your dental health. Food particles can get stuck in between the gaps and can cause cavities and gum problems if not removed at once.

7. Crowded Teeth : Teeth can overlap, overgrow, and huddle in one part of your mouth during childhood. As the temporary ones fall off to make way for the permanent set, time is crucial, in which alignment should be addressed as soon as the teeth start to grow. This condition doesn’t just look bad, but it can be challenging to maintain and clean, especially flossing. This condition also exacerbates plaques and cavities.

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